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  1. Hello ,sorry I didn't update the status..couldn't view the site's page..anyways..how's everyone doing ? But I can tonight...hello all:wave:

  2. Hello ,sorry I didn't update the status..couldn't view the site's page..anyways..how's everyone doing ?:wave:

  3. Hello gang..how's it going..me its fine right now lol..but wait the day isn't over lmao :wave:

  4. Hello all hope the day is going good..checking in to say hello  :wave:

  5. Hello all..hope your having a great day, mine is better for now..Hey @ragreynolds I made a club..how does it get approved?? :blink: . :wave:

    1. ragreynolds


      I approved it now for you, Sheila!

    2. sheilamotko
  6. Hi hope all your day is well..everything is fine ..fire  is out on our side of the mountain. . :wave:

  7. Hi hope all your day is well..we have a fire right now..posted a video ..post it on status too...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtUSBrJ--hA. :wave:

  8. I made this video today ..fire near my house
  9. Hi hope all your day is well..mine so so.missing my granddaughter on her birthday which is today. She's six now. Her mother refuses to let my son see his daughter..shame ..a little girl needs her daddy. :wave:

    1. ragreynolds


      sorry to hear that sheila 

  10. Little better today..checking in and saying hello :wave::lmao:

  11. Hey all..I', hanging in and checking in..life is hard but I can handle it. :lmao:

  12. Hello everybody..hope your having a great weekend...checking in.

    1. ragreynolds


      Hope you're having a good time too, Sheila!

    2. sheilamotko


      It was so so...dealing with a landlord who don't know how to do his job. Won't fix the electrical box for the fuses...had to call his boss and make a complaint. Today my son turns 28 ..And dealing with an alcohalic roommate who thinks beer is more important then buying food...But other then that okay.

  13. Hello hope the day went welll..Goodnight and Good morning too. :awesome:

    1. bryanna


      hope your day went well too sheila

    2. sheilamotko


  14. Well stopping in to say hello and that I am still sane lol...this place is getting too costly , they don't want to fix things..but all  that things will be fine...got Code enforcement(case some of the things around her are against the codes. ) and Renters right's and fair housing..the electric box is a fire hazard ..see you tomorrow..sometime and its also my granddaughters birthday month..still haven't seen her since July 2016

  15. Stopping by to say hello to all. Soooo HELLO EVERYBODY !! :P.:)