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  1. Hello all hope all is good..Me, getting ready to move in less then two weeks...yippy :rock::rock::applause::allears:

  2. Hey everybody, hope your having a wonderful night... :applause::allears:

  3. Hey everyone ...hope your all well..can't believe soon this forum will be no more...sad face :applause::allears:

  4. Hey guys..hope all is well..little early..:applause::allears:

  5. Hello everybody hope your having a great day..checkin in :applause::allears:

  6. Hello everyone..hope all is well..it wont be long until we are home again...:applause::allears:

  7. Hello all hope your all well..well we got Drama here and not the good kind either:facepalm:


    Checking in and doing fine ..hope you all are..Ryan have fun in LA !!!!






    Going to Fontana !!!! yeah ..only bad is my son may not have a place ..but he knows he's welcome with us..just the Uncle who owns the house doesn't like his girlfriend...She's a control freak





    Kind of early for me..but here I am ..checking in..counting down the days until we move




    Hello everyone, Birthday shout out to @Hanna ,hope your having a wonderful day...I am well all.





    Hello all..hope all is well with you guys..moving  soon from here .




  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN..AKA @ragreynolds Hope your having a wonderful day...and I am checking in...hello everybody





    One more month till RR goes got good..gonna miss updating statuses and stuff here...sad face ..



    1. bryanna


      do you have a twitter sheila?

    2. sheilamotko

    Hey guys ,hope all is well..I'm doing good.




    Hello all of you..hope all is well..checking in..


  17. Hey everyone, hope your doing fine...Birthday shout out to @Lilyblu, Hope your having a great day.


  18. Hey everybody, hope you all are well..well its San Bernardino bond on March 1


  19. Hello everybody , first off , birthday shout out to @ArseRaptor on this their 26th Birthday...yes its early today ..sometimes I will post status early


  20. Hello everyone, hope your having a great day. Things are a little better..just so much stress for us all


  21. Hello everybody, I hope your having a better day then me..everyone is on short fuses right now..but once the first comes we will be fine. .


  22. Hey everybody, hope your having a great day..One more month and I am out of this berg lol


  23. Hello all..well its going okay for me ..soon as we are out of this hell of a apartment


  24. First off..again..Birthday Shout outs to @dan and @Kemosabez hope your birthdays were wonderful..doing okay so far lol


  25. First off..Birthday shout out to @CharlieChinchilla I hope it was a great day...finally ,very soon by March will be back home in Fontana...