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  1. i'm disgusted
  2. did he delete the tweet?
  3. I just had to present a six-minute presentation reflecting on my school year and the classes I took. 'twas bullshit. I mean, I get we have to do it because it's a graduation requirement, but it's fucking stupid. I was dreading it because I fucking suck at speaking in front of people. I get really nervous and start shaking really bad. my stomach starts hurting, and i feel like crying. it's not even just in front of people, either. i can't hold a conversation with members of my own family or even friends i've known for years. so, basically, i'm asking if anyone has any tips on how i an overcome this crap.
  4. thank frens
  5. oh my god
  6. i agree

  7. you're all pregnant

    1. ragreynolds
    2. Seeker


      Am I having a boy or a girl?

    3. Daddy



  8. fat
  9. choke
  10. I inspire myself
  11. brave man
  12. no

    1. n00gai


      why not?

    2. Daddy



  13. who
  14. it's me
  15. ^^^
  16. OU is dead so hi

    1. ragreynolds
    2. sheilamotko


      He'lll be back lol

  17. huh?
  18. I didn't have enough storage to record on my ipod, so i just recorded on my Chromebook.
  19. please die
  20. i did