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  1. one of the best things that has ever happened This isn't directly related to RR, but joining OFO was the best thing that has happened to me so far. If I had not joined OFO I wouldn't have joined this site and made so many great friends because I wouldn't know who you are. Though I didn't post here often I enjoyed the site very much. My favorite thread was one that dirk made last year dissing a fuckton of people. I remember reading him saying the site would be better off without me or whatever and i found it hilarious. I loved it. I had a screenshot of it but i lost it /: Anyway, I'm really going to miss this site it was fun while it lasted.
  2. i'm pumped for this fight
  3. s u r r e a l
  4. TallVideos vs. ragreynolds


    Jacob will beat ryan ;) 

  5. I'm not a lesbian dwarfffff
  6. h o w d y
  7. my children
  8. wait what
  9. I still inspire myself
  10. i feel personally attacked by these results