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  1. I've never really gotten into manga before, I tried years back with something called +Anima I believe. I bought maybe 3 of them and didn't buy another, it was probably a case of me looking for something to do during the summer in my free time and then my summer ending. Other than that I only usually read manga if an anime I'm watching has a different/more complete ending in the following chapters of it's manga. So I don't really have a favourite, do you?
  2. @Seeker Thanks for thinking of me, but I've never studied Islam other than in basic RE classes at school and my parents have never really been strict with it, my dad doesn't eat pork but that's about it I would join in on the discussion anyways but I don't even understand half the terminology you've used either!
  3. What a lovely video...
  4. Woah. This is mostly accurate and that frightens me.
  5. Well some of these are depressing as fuck.
  6. 53% - fairly compatible. Yet I come from a Muslim family.
  7. Never mind, it was my AdBlock.
  8. http://www.itv.com/news/2017-05-20/liberal-democrats-launch-bizarre-farage-may-campaign-poster/ I am no longer voting this year, too much shit to hate on all sides.
  9. I'd like to point out that I had to click neutral for quick a few of them... because I'm not American.
  10. That moment when you realise...
  11. I am the youngest, born June 1996. In the middle is my brother Fikri, born January 1987. Oldest is my sister Gulden, born July 1984. ...I just noticed all the J's, weird.
  12. I used to always vote for Labour. My parents have told me to since I was of legal age to vote. But I've never been told why and I still don't understand why to be honest. I'd rather someone tell me their opinions on it so I can actually decide who I want to vote for.
  13. 2015 Back when I played Minecraft a majority of the week and also loved wearing my corset. Also... Ryan's T-shirt
  14. Ohhhhh no no I ended up with something else cause a new tattoo artist joined the studio I usually go to! Still wanting to do the stuff we spoke about, probably after summer though x
  15. Did the person on the left have brown hair in the back or was is someone behind her?
  16. Had one done last Saturday, 25 Feb. Appointment was moved from 12:30pm to 9:30am and I was KNACKERED. A Miracle Happened. I started to fall asleep multiple times and then...