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  1. Twitter strikes back again with shit that pisses me even more!!!!! FAKE Multiculturalist trash
  2. Sequel to Aileen Wuornos documentaries from Nick Broomfield.
  3. I'm drunk, so what now?

    1. Ludwig_Van


      So you can be taken advantage of right  now? :applause:

    2. His_Majesty_Jimmy_I
  4. When you just use Tor to bi-pass your router's porn filter but you're worried Mi5 are watching.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SkyBlu


      Your ISP still know what you're doing and looking at

    3. His_Majesty_Jimmy_I


      I don't care I just can't get rid of it because I don't pay for it. 

    4. His_Majesty_Jimmy_I


      Getting rid of it would be an awkward conversation. When you get internet it comes with a porn filter automatically. 

  5. she can molest me any time
  6. nah..he's a cunt. It's weird half his fanbase would agree that reporting Katie Hopkins tweets to the police is a good thing even if it's wasting police time but when his jokes are against white people that's cool. BTW she was reported to the police today for making "islamophobic" tweets. Wasting police time when they could be investing that money into real hate crimes like conspiracies to set mosques on fire and shit.
  7. I never claimed that it is immoral. If anything joking about it is the least worse thing that can happen. To be honest is shit like what onision says that pisses me off or all those people who use this shit for retweets and shit. I replied on his tweet and I've been gettin bare likes and rt's but I don't get off that shit. Laugh away mate, I congratulate you on your ability to keep carrying on. [that's legit not sarcasm]
  8. It's children though. All I feel is anger, how can you find it funny so soon?
  9. yes! exactly what I thought
  10. No he doesn't give a fuck about cancer, he just wants to stand out and be controversial and watch all those teenage girls who look up to him like Jesus agree with him. He doesn't care about cancer he just likes to say mean shit at wrong times because he is a sociopath.
  11. he needs to kill himself to be honest
  12. I knew he was a cunt but not that big of a massive cunt. He crossed the line. Never again I'll defend anything he says. Never again I'll give him credit for anything
  13. Just after hours of the news of a bombing in Manchester with 19 confirmed deaths and 50 injuries, that is mostly FUCKING CHILDREN!! Onision posts this fucking shit. Can he be any more inappropriate? Can he be any more of a sociopathic SCUM CUNT SHITFACE!!!
  14. You're probably right tbh but what I was trying to imply that Scotland is stricter, of course hate speech is illegal here too. The only time I think hate speech should be illegal is if it's used for recruitment for terrorist groups or ones that oppose our British values. This was obvious comedy...so unless he's been beating up jews in his spare time and hasn't told us, he shouldn't be in prison.
  15. When you're watching house of cards a weird threesome breaks out of nowhere!

    1. ragreynolds


      Great scene. I want Kevin Spacey to shit in my mouth

    2. His_Majesty_Jimmy_I