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  1. I've been browsing Facebook and I came this article by the BBC about euthanasia and that some people in Canada are calling for euthanasia for the mentally ill like in the Netherlands. I'm personally outraged for such thing. It's one thing to call for euthanasia for the terminally ill, and another to call it on people who want to die, people who can't make an informed decision. Helping the people to die who are classed as ill because they want to die in the first place. It's outrageous. I've had various arguments with some of the sociopaths and depressed teens who are for this and call this the 'humane' thing to do if treatment is not working. Instead of blaming the clinicians for giving up them and calling them 'untreatable'. 'Humane' is doctors being persistent with that person, being there for them, listening to them, caring for them. These people are ill and vulnerable and the state should be helping them instead of killing them. People should be ashamed for even supporting this. These people can be helped, they need support, their families have given up on them, they have given up, society must not though give up on them, WE MUST HELP THEM. It might take decades to repair the damage but giving up on them and killing them because they are suicidal; that's tyranny, that's not giving a shit. The people who are behind this want to ease the pressure of a growing mental health crisis by the worse imaginable way possible, murder. These people are vulnerable. If a child asked you to kill him/her, would you, NO because they are child they can't make the right decision, it's the same with the mentally ill. I've been through mental illness, a clouded vulnerable mind can not make a right decision. Can not consent. If the mental illness is that extreme to the point that the person wants to die then that person loses the capacity to make such decision. Should we save the suicidal or let them kill themselves or even worse kill them our selves. If you honestly believe such thing should be in practice then I've lost all hope in humanity. If this choice was available to me while I was ill, I would have taken it and be dead right now but treatment was chosen for me by force because I lacked the capacity to consent, now that I've recovered I'm glad treatment and LIFE was forced upon me. We can't put these people down like a dog who doesn't fit in and no one wants it. Ironically, I'm a libertarian but one thing the state can't do is try to force a person to live if they are of a sound mind (unlikely but possible). If you're of a sound mind, it is not illegal to take your own life, you will not be prosecuted but helped. Now if you're indeed mentally ill and need help, the state not only should lack the power of giving you a way out but give the clinicians the power to keep you safe till you are of a sound mind and can take care of yourself and make those decisions by yourself. Why? Because of the hippocratic oath, that's why! I believe in the non- aggression principle, talked by many libertarians and to me personally killing the mentally ill, those who don't know right from wrong at that particular time is a violation of that non-aggression principle. Just like a child who can't consent to sex, an acutely mentally ill person doesn't have the capacity to make a choice such as ending their life hence they must be protected till they are of a sound mind. It's murder because they don't have the capacity to understand, just like a child who can't give consent to sex hence it is rape. Now if you're of a sound mind nothing stops you from ending it all, you're a coward though if you want the state to do it for you. You have the right to die, what you don't have is a state that has the legislate power to do that for you. No one is taking people's rights away!
  2. I'm watching To The Bone while eating two portions of spaghetti bolognese with a huge lamp of fatty feta cheese on top. Somehow I feel like I picked the wrong film to watch.......

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      i watched that while eating chocolate cake and kfc

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  3. Environment had so much story potential.
  4. I suppose that coward bit was misinterpreted. People who've committed suicide aren't cowards, they've done something that it's in our nature not to do. People who are suicidal aren't cowards either, they're battling what appears unbeatable. I'm myself puzzled though why someone would want the state to do it. I genuinely believe that if you're suicidal, you wouldn't want your family to be there with you and the state to do it for you. I'm not going to sit here and talk about I've been through but to me it doesn't make sense. if you want to end it all, why on earth you'd want people to be there with you, watch you and do it for you. If it were true why do people write sorry every time on a fucking a suicide note. They feel ashamed. So why on earth they would want to be with love ones and other people. I suppose if I had a family that was okay with me going through euthanasia and sit there watch me, I wouldn't be ashamed being around them and doing what I would be doing because they wouldn't have loved me in the first place if they'd let me go through the unthinkable. No wonder they go through it.
  5. If your mental illness is making you suicidal then by all the books you are in crisis. I've done my research. Being genuinely suicidal because of your mental health and not because of a circumstance you've been placed to for example means you're either Depressed or Psychotic. (I heard some people with autism can be suicidal too in a not depressed or psychotic sense) People with psychosis and people with severe autism like that definitely lack the capacity to make that decision hence they should be out of the question. __ Now with a severe depressive episode in mood disorders (depression and bipolar) it's arguable that they lack capacity too. People with mild and moderate depression don't suffer from suicidal thoughts, if they do then they are classed as severely depressed. People with severe depression if they refuse treatment, treatment is forced upon them under the mental health act. This is what happens when you refuse treatment, it's forced upon you because you lack the capacity. So technically anyone that's sectionable (excluding if it's for assesment) lacks capacity hence they are by the eyes of the law unable to make such decision. ___ Now people with personality disorders are usually the ones that do have capacity to make such decision hence they are prosecutable under law. For example people with Anti-social personality disorder will be guilty if they commit a crime because they know right from wrong even if it's 'their illness that made them'. People with BPD are the ones usually with suicidal thoughts and do have capacity to make such decision. It is argued though from the statistics of the numerous failed suicidal attempts and the frequent mild self-harm by each individual with BPD that is a cry for help instead of real suicidal intentions. Suicide completion in BPD 'Long-term naturalistic follow-up studies, with one exception,16 have shown that about 10% of patients with BPD eventually commit suicide and that about 90% do not.17-20 Although 2 recent prospective studies report suicide rates closer to 4%,21,22 these results may be limited to cohorts that were consistently compliant with treatment.' http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/articles/managing-suicidality-patients-borderline-personality-disorder It is also argued that some people with BPD if they are at risk of genuine suicide then they fit the criteria for a severe depressive episode and they are treated like a severely depressed person hence at that point in time while they are in that episode they lack capacity because they are sectionable and are given a co-mobrit diagnosis. https://www.verywell.com/bpd-and-depression-425421 So when people with BPD are not classed as medically depressed then statistics would show that they don't really wish to end their lives but it's a cry for help from all the misery they've been through and the emotional instability they experience from even the smallest trigger on a daily basis. If it's very highly likely that it's a cry for help then deep down they don't want to die even if they claim to or make themselves believe so. Do we really want to tell this person that we can kill them when they are very highly likely crying for help all the way and ignore that pain and let them perish. They are treatable; therapy, medication, love and persistency is all they need. They need someone to tell them that they love them. The people that have capacity are people with personality disorders and all they need is therapy, somebody to love them, medication and PERSISTENCY. They don't really want to die, statistics show that. _____ TL/DR - My point is people who are genuinely suicidal because of their mental health are sectionable and/or lack the capacity to make the decision for assisted suicide. People that do have the capacity don't want to die in the first place and it's a cry for help if they go down that route.
  6. My Queen
  7. Loving the shades.
  8. I didn't mind him, his singing was spot on as always, it's the hair that made him out of place.
  9. Other than the beginning there wasn't too much action but it's expected for a first episode. I had mixed feelings about the Ed Sheeran cameo though. It's the hair probably.
  10. So I've been debating what to get. An Xbox One X will cost me around £450 and it will be able to do 4K, not the greatest but good enough. I've been trying to build an online build that would do 4K, all the builds keep going over £650. Both with intel and AMD. I will need at least 8GB which I can only go up to GDR4(then the build goes up to the £800 range) of ram compared to Xbox's 12GB of GDR5 Ram. I'll need at least 6GB of VRAM and that still is shit, so like GTX 1060 which is like £250. For CPU, I will have to go with the highest i5 range or the lowest i7 range and both are expensive as fuck. With AMD, I'm getting GDR3 ram motherboards unless I want to go with Ryzen. With intel at least I'm getting USB-C. It's all fucking annoying to be honest. PC Master is BOLLOCKS. If you wanted to build a gaming PC similar to console , it can cost up to almost double. Kind of loses the point of buying a gaming PC. I'm not made of fucking money. All these PC master race fags brag about PC's are better but if I spend £450 on a gaming PC, it will be a fucking potato, with integrated fucking graphics and 4GB of Ram just enough to handle fucking youtube. So I'm probably buying an Xbox One X, I have a 4K tv also, if I got the shitty pc, I would have to spend at least £250 on a 1440p display. Since PC making became so mainstream because of supply of demand, you end up with an extortion because it's expected now that you build it by yourself. The fact that I'm building it myself should mean, it should be fucking dirt-cheap.
  11. Found a solution, external gpu dock for my MacBook Pro 2016, so I got 3ghz cpu, 12GB of ram but no dedicated graphics. With high sierra coming out, there'd be thunder port 3 support for a GDDR5 RX 580 which is only 4gb but hopefully they'll increase popularity. Now you might say you can't game on a Mac but bootcamp will do just fine. Also I'd be able to render 10 times as fast. Once I'll get my EGPU, eventually I'll be buying parts slowly to eventually build a PC. I thought about and the thought of having the ability to run a gtx 1080 if I wanted on my 13 inch MacBook would be great (bootcamp + steam). Thunderport 3/ USB-C IS KING! 40gbit connection boi, 90% of the performance.
  12. American marine helps Hiroshima survivors after nuclear strike (1945 colourised)
  13. @Seeker nah I don't mind them, it's just that song
  14. right wing themed memes for middle class teens
  15. Too bad John is not about to keep her on a leash 😂
  16. It's good when I'm in the circle jerk, not the target of it
  17. Well I need spicy threads mang ...I need some good meme threads mang..you want me to write post, well that thread gotta be spicy boiiiii. In all seriousness I would create threads but every time I do I cause drama
  18. The traffic on RR?
  19. Hilary turned the freakin frogs gay

  20. These pop up ads are getting dirtier and dirtier