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  1. Dramas definitely but I don't even have time for that anymore. Over the last 3 months I've been non existent because I'm busy. I kind of feel the way you feel @ragreynolds
  2. So what does everyone think about the accusations? Interested to see what you think @ragreynolds since you worship him.
  3. No more house of cards, the plug is pulled. Kevin is guilty by social media. Netflix pulled the plug. Kevin is dead. The witch hunt is on. 😢😪 Even if it's true and he's a scumbag, god, he is such a great actor.
  4. Jimmy people that like cigars and had blonde hair at one point.
  5. Try it again and see where you are. Have your views changed? Is the test inaccurate? Share your results. __________ Here's me More accurate this time I have to agree. _________ TAKE THE TEST https://www.politicalcompass.org
  6. Clubs are Gucci, I've just been very busy hence inactive.
  8. I've had a finger up the arse too. Also I went for a testicular cancer test once, my GP was trying to get men tasted so a doctor touched my balls.
  9. No one asking for regulations. All we're saying is businesses should have the right to refuse booze to full blown preggies. The ones that are hard to tell then that's different.
  10. I'm an iPhone fag now...got the whole package MacBookPro too...fagotry excess.

  11. Thanks baby girl
  12. A lot of people are confusing businesses refusing to serve vs. forbidding pregnant women drinking. I will never want to see legislation forbidding drinking for pregnant women but what I would like to see is less legislation forbidding businesses the right of refusing to serve people. @Nox made a wonderful point. I work in retail and even if Greggs doesn't serve alcohol I wouldn't want to serve a pregnant woman alcohol because I wouldn't want to feel responsible for being part of what that woman is doing even if I don't believe in collective responsibility. @ragreynolds I do understand it's impossible to tell if a woman is pregnant at early stages of pregnancy however if a woman is obviously pregnant (4 months plus) then a business or a pub should have every right to refuse. I am fed up personally with government interfering with what a business does. Regulations hurt businesses, end of. If I owned a pub I should have every right to refuse a pregnant woman from drinking in my premises. For two key reasons. 1. Morals Pregnant women drinking is a no no. I wouldn't want to pour alcohol down a baby's throat. 2. Image If I owned a pub with pregnant women drinking there, that would deter customers from drinking in my establishment. They'd consider my pub a place where 'human trash' hangs out and they wouldn't want to drink there.
  13. I typed shoplifter and this showed up....
  14. I wish they shoplifted 10 packs of paracetamol.