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  1. Well we haven't gone to the voting round.
  2. This is a debate on which political ideology is more beneficial for the economy, capitalism or socialism. Cast your votes before posting and then proceed to debate. In two weeks time this topic will lock, when that happens, we'll have another round where we vote again and see how this debate thread was successful or unsuccessful for each side of the argument. ________________ Here are two people from the Oxford Union debating such issue. Hopefully this helps you get a footing within this debate. Jeremy Corbin Against Capitalism: Daniel Hannan Against Socialism: _____________________________ I shall be posting my statement for the benefits of capitalism later on this day however I need some time to prepare my statement so it is as comprehensive as I can possibly make it. I wanted to start this debate thread first and see how people pre-vote on this issue first and I thought this thread needed to be made as soon as possible since it is the epitome of debates within our modern society.
  4. Facebook filters my comments because they are offensive when they weren't offensive in the first place.

  5. 7/10, it was alright, better than expected. ________ I dedicate this to @ragreynolds, I like him too u know
  6. Rate it from 0 to 10, make a comment about what you think of it and then post your music. You know the drill.... ___________ I'll start
  7. I'll extend this thread for another 48 hours. Need more replies and more arguments please. Socialists come on. ARGUE US!
  8. POST POLITICAL MEMES post them ____ Here are some freshly harvested ones. They're freshly made, right from the stove. (Stolen basically, but current)
  10. @ragreynolds has daddy issues.
  11. I knew you were going to defend daddy.
  12. Accurate af (coming replies by trump fanbois)
  13. There has been a debate over non-offending pedophiles being allowed to own a sex doll that represents a young child. Is it wrong to the point that it should be illegal? Would allowing pedophiles using that doll enable their desires and eventually lead them into sexually assaulting children? If they become illegal isn't that really going against liberty, they are not hurting anyone are they? Should the dolls be allowed but regulated toughly? __________________ I would personally discourage any pedophile from using a child sex doll because it is messed up beyond comprehension however I can't say that I stand for Liberty and say child sex dolls should be criminalised when it fact they don't go against the non-aggression principle of libertarianism. It is a weird issue but I believe the production and distribution of them should be regulated to ensure they are not promoted and not sold to children themselves. I am willing to be persuaded. If you think they shouldn't be regulated at all try to persuade me, if you think they should be illegal try to persuade me also.
  14. BUMP dat thread ____ <3
  15. Wagner doesn't work very well in the background. His music is always the centre of attention.
  16. One of my favourite people on the whole wide word speaking about one of my favourite Opera composers and dramatists, Richard Wagner. Richard Wagner in my opinion surpasses every other composer in the 'feelings' department. Richard Wagner's music can make any audience feel any emotion that he wanted them to feel. From depression to elation. From a feeling that needs to be resolved to a complete harmonious resolution that makes you feel a complete ecstatic nostalgia. He can give you tears of misery and he can give you tears of joy. He might have been a jew hater but god, he was a brilliant dramatist. Richard Wagner everyone.
  17. I'm tempted to watch it because of Cara Delevingne. That woman is the epitome of beauty and the epitome of making me horny.
  18. You wait @4 Hours for that Musical Orgasm at 12:40. Wagner and German Opera at its best.

  20. Somebody compared me to someone who encourages murder and I laughed my arse off. I just find it weird that all of these fucking twats are on their moral high horse when it comes to piracy because they can afford to pay Sky or HBO. Someone even said that I'm endangering people for asking for the season to be leaked. The whole comment was me just saying, I really wish it leaked and people jumped on me. What happened to people being okay with watching shit online. I'll tell you what happened, they start taking series so seriously and if someone else decides to not pay to watch it like they do, that person is somehow criminal scum. Like get off your fucking high horse. IT'S A TV SERIES. If I'm a danger to society and a criminal, call the POLICE ! EDIT: Dear Crown Prosecution Service, I downlaoded the leaked episode of Game of Thrones before it came out. I did it through pirate bay. I do not feel an ounce of guilt. Come and arrest me please. I deserve to be prosecuted for the crimes I've committed against HBO and the Crown. Yours, Zak
  21. I'M A CRIMINAL 😧😧😧
  22. Well yeah I agree and they should see that they have a responsibility. However the market always regulates itself. If they start going mad on censoring, you'll see that they'll lose customers. If they have a left leaning bias, well, we have a conservative government meaning that the majority of people are conservative. There are quite a lot of press intended for a Conservative audience like The Daily Telegraph and many other ones. If they start censoring more right wing beliefs and what's considered freedom of speech, the press will get point it out. They'll probably lose customers and people's demand for a free speech platform will grow and someone will come and fill that market demand with another site. What is probably going to happen however is that Facebook will give in and go back at being a free platform because they are business that depends on its constumers. Although wanting the government to regulate big companies is something that someone who favours big government will say, someone who's anti-buisness. If most of their twitter's customers want a bully free site then it's their right to do so and a good business decision. All they are doing is listening to their costumers. I'll either accept the rules or use a different website. The free market will regulate itself if they go off their rails. Trust me unless we avoid controlling the web, it'll provide a free platform, somewhere. If youtube goes mad with censoring then another site will pop up to fill that demand. Also I disagree with the whole notion of they are an essential service. Any other website can do what they do. I could survive without Facebook for a week. I've done for years in the past. I just like to debate people and comment on stuff but I can do that elsewhere anyway. I could text my mates, I don't need messenger for that.
  23. Gotta love raccoons
  24. Out of all the socialist lesbians, there is a woman who said NO. There is a woman who said I might be a lesbian but deep down I'm a Conservative. Scotland is dying and only one woman can say NO to the ginger dwarf. This kickboxing lesbian from Edinburgh is the answer to Scotland's problems. That woman is the Member of the Scottish Parliament for Edinburgh Central, The Right Honourable Ruth Davidson. The leader of 'The Scottish Conservative Party and Unionists'. A woman who champions individualism over socialism. A woman that believes that only people and not government can make the decisions that are best for themselves, their families and communities. A woman that believes that people must take responsibility for the decisions. A woman that believes freedom cannot exist without responsibility and respect for the rule of law. A woman that is a firm believer of local politics. A woman that embraces low taxes. A woman that believes in libertarianism, a strong but smaller government. MAKE HER FIRST MINISTER. TURN SCOTLAND BLUE. This thread is dedicated to her, The Right Honourable Ruth Davidson.