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  1. Had to shave almost everything off so now im liek this
  2. I guess my pic didnt work so im posting again
  3. Why tf u so cute
  4. Im 18 now and this is how i look
  5. Post songs in other languages, only rule is it has to be in everything but english language, it can be any type of song as long as its a real language, folkloric, classical, moden, rock, etc all accepted.
  6. Post your photography: it has to be by you but pictures of you are also acceptable
  7. I took a pic recently and am proud of the gains i made since i was a fat fuck so i thought to make thread everyone can post gains and body and everything related
  8. How tall are you
  9. Ik lol but its not alot of fat and good amount of muscle, packing muscle is pretty hard tbh it takes time
  10. At 70.2 kg now, lost more fat and starting to get a bigger chest/shoulders
  11. Hebrew is a bit close to Arabic since both have same origin languages and to re create modern hebrew lots of Arabic was used, 1/7th of the Spanish language is also Arabic words and grammar, the maltese language is pretty much an accent of Arabic with some italian and english, pretty much all middle eastern and north african language were affected in one way or another by the Arabic language, and some southern european countries as well. And 22 nations use the classical Arabic as their main language so if you cant understand their dialect you can always just speak classical
  12. Lmfao tfw you randomly meet 5 guys from the tribe that your family has a problem with ._.

    1. ragreynolds


      Do you hunt birds using spears?

    2. Saddam


      Thank fuck they were chill i would have been fucked hahahah 

  13. A few days ago someone from my clan was stabbed to death by a son of another clan, tomorrow we are going to make peace between our two families in one of our main Diwans (clan houses) the meeting was made quickly because until the peace happens we have a right (by tribal law) to take revenge (anybody from my family) from anyone 3 grandfathers up from the murderer, the murderer however has been captured and he will be executed soon, or he will face life imprisonment.
  14. Haha cool
  15. Yea thanks thats what i meant
  16. Lmao. You dont understand something specific in the story?
  17. Well for us it is lol it means justice is done and just because someone's tribe/clan/house is much bigger theyll still get punished for actions and its a way to protect as well and almost each house/clan/tribe have their own specific traits
  18. @ragreynolds but really though scotland should have stayed in its clan culture it was better you people had your own identity and culture now its gone
  19. Anyways the murder was solved, turns out 2 guys of the tribe stabbed my family member from the front and the back so one will get executed by the state and the other one we are still seeing what his future what will be
  20. Kingdom of Jordan
  21. Well Scotts had it too before you got cucked by the brits lol