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  1. What do you think was the best video game of 2017? Best I've played is hands down Horizon Zero Dawn, ive started playing Nioh just recently and really enjoy it as well; but haven't played it for long. Ive also enjoyed Nier Automata; though after the first few "playthroughs" (every time its different in major ways; i still have so much to do on that game) it starts to get really hard and i haven't played it in a while. Very strong year for PS4 with many amazing exclusives; next year should be better for the Xbox only crowd (more exclusives to come out since Xbox One X (should have kept it as Scorpio) was released).
  2. Well its been fun for the small amount of time that ive been here and it will be weird for it to be gone (even though i only have been showing up from time to time for a while now).
  3. Losing weight (again) and getting toned, i think once i start losing weight (again) it should be easy for me to get toned because im quite strong already. It seems i can lose weight easy when i stay dedicated to a low carb diet; which means giving up pizza (i love pizza, but i am super dedicated to getting in better shape)
  4. I have 3 current favorites, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto; and One Piece; and im counting all parts of the first two (since they were multiple series animes; instead of just one ridiculously long Anime). Bleach used to be one of my favorites; but i feel like it went way downhill after the Hueco Mundo arc. Ive watched thousands of episodes though and there were lots that could have been favorites if they were longer.
  5. IMO super underweight is worse than super overweight; at least in the near future. This being said, ive never been underweight and i will never get anywhere near as bad as those people on 600 LB LIFE, ive never even hit 300LBs (im at around 260 LBs and ive started working out most days) and im back to trying to lose weight again (which i have a couple times, but its easy to get lazy and gain weight; its much harder to keep doing the same or better).
  6. Im not a big fan of much of their music past their second album; but i still find it disheartening that he killed himself.
  7. Yeah i dont agree with the mentally ill being put to death by their consent or the governments; if you struggle with mental illness you might sometimes wish to die or choose to die (if given a choice); but usually if you survive and start doing better (which isnt always easy), then you are glad you didnt die. I personally struggle sometimes between being suicidal (every now and then, not all the time) and being glad to be alive and even just a couple months ago i was making risky decisions (drinking a lot of alcohol (drinking from a 1.75L of 80 proof liquor until i passed oit, and then whatever happened happened) and taking a lot of zzz-quill pills); and of course i survived, i don't know the likelihood of me actually dieing; and yes i know that maybe i should be more serious about my mental health; and yes im trying to do better, but as i said its really hard. Think of me what you may, but im being honest and you will either like me or not, and i really dont care that much either way (unless im in a depressed mood, then i really care, and i cant predict my moods as im bipolar) . And furthermore, dont correct me on my grammar as i hate grammar nazis, so fuck off if you are one of them. And i dont expect simpanthy from anybody.
  8. I still do and every now and then i buy more games even if i never play them because they have a great library of games that hold value very good. I knoe eventually it will be phased out and the only current Nintendo system will be the switch, but the 3DS is still going strong right now. Ive been playing Ever Oasis since yesterday and its a very good a little different from other games where you do quests and kill monsters because of the town building aspect of the game.
  9. So Xbox One X is Project Scorpio? Hopefully they start getting good exclusives once it gets released, because there have been no good Xbox exclusives all year long so far. Spec wise for the money the Xbone X will win, but PC will have more variety; anyways, good luck deciding.
  10. For me the 2 games I like the most for this year so far are Horizon Zero Dawn, and Nier Automata; Mass Effect Andromeda was good too, but a slight disappointment because it should have been polished up a but before they released it; by which I mean excellent graphics, good story-line, and fun to play, but the glitches made it closer to mediocre as a whole instead of spectacular. The 4th game in any series of video games shouldn't have very annoying glitches like it did. Next 2 new games on PS4 that I plan on getting will probably be the next God Of War, and Far Cry 5 (when I heard about Primal I thought it sounded stupid and I wanted another one with a modern setting, Primal is the Worst rated one since #3 which is reviewed to be the best out of 3, 4, and Primal (9, 8.5, and 7.9 on IGN))
  11. Quick question to all American Horror Story fans here, which do you think was the worst and why? I think all of them were pretty consistently good with some being a little better or worse than the others, like parts of the Carnival one were a little confusing and odd (to me anyways), because they kept going back in the story, and then they would go to present/future events. For me the worst AHS was the last one, I mean I liked a lot of it, but the last bunch of episodes were the worst for me; basically after a certain point they had characters say how it's not real and its just a show, and it sort of showed how they made it; we all know these shows aren't real in real life, but making episodes of the show about it seemed like their worst idea ever. It was like they made a documentary about it while still doing the show itself.
  12. I would say it has a better combat system, and more content; the only thing bringing Andromeda down is it's occasional glitches.
  13. If put andromeda as a solid 8, they did a lot good with a few annoying glitches and some things that simply need tweaking. I think the next one will be much better
  14. I just got done with Mass Effect andromeda last weekend (a solid game with some stupid and annoying animation glitches occasionally); going to play Uncharted 4 a lot and maybe FFXV and a little Diablo 3 this weekend
  15. Well I meant that Sony themselves could release another updated PS4 (like the PS4P rather than a system where everything is new like the PS5 that may or may not get made), and then customers would have to decide if the updated version is worth it. It's like will a system that runs faster and with better graphics be worth it? I bought a PS4 pro simply because faster is better and I have a Samsung KS8500 (basically high end, but not top tier 2016 Samsung 4k (smart) TV) to take advantage of the better graphics. And at some point the graphics aspect will reach its limit, so really it will eventually just be down to would your gaming improve enough with a system that only has a faster processor? As for games eventually only being digital; I would hope the price goes down at that point, because if it's digital only you really can't put the same value on it as a game you would be free to buy new and then sell used.