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  1. I would say it has a better combat system, and more content; the only thing bringing Andromeda down is it's occasional glitches.
  2. If put andromeda as a solid 8, they did a lot good with a few annoying glitches and some things that simply need tweaking. I think the next one will be much better
  3. I just got done with Mass Effect andromeda last weekend (a solid game with some stupid and annoying animation glitches occasionally); going to play Uncharted 4 a lot and maybe FFXV and a little Diablo 3 this weekend
  4. Well I meant that Sony themselves could release another updated PS4 (like the PS4P rather than a system where everything is new like the PS5 that may or may not get made), and then customers would have to decide if the updated version is worth it. It's like will a system that runs faster and with better graphics be worth it? I bought a PS4 pro simply because faster is better and I have a Samsung KS8500 (basically high end, but not top tier 2016 Samsung 4k (smart) TV) to take advantage of the better graphics. And at some point the graphics aspect will reach its limit, so really it will eventually just be down to would your gaming improve enough with a system that only has a faster processor? As for games eventually only being digital; I would hope the price goes down at that point, because if it's digital only you really can't put the same value on it as a game you would be free to buy new and then sell used.
  5. I've seen some of the ideas floating around about where gaming may be headed in the future. Some of it seemed like it could be pretty cool like how future gaming might be more heavily based along the lines of VR or maybe AR : that is Virtual Reality or Assisted Reality. I also saw mention of all gaming eventually going to cloud storage (meaning no physical copies, but no need to worry about storage space); this is not something I would like personally as i like having physical copies of games so I can sell them in the future if I'm done and/or need money. And I saw an interesting article about how there may be no PS5; since they could just keep releasing an upgraded PS4 with a better CPU and GPU (like the PS4P) ; like how computer gamers would change out parts but keep everything else the same instead of buying a completely new system. The article also mentioned how, with PS Now; computer gamers could subscribe to the service and be able to play things that used to be Playstation Exclusives, so Sony could very well make money a lot easier by focusing on that; instead of changing things up and making completely new systems. And on the Xbox front they may start gaining some much needed momentum when the Scorpio is released and no doubt more and more games come out designed to work optimally with it Which could be why no known Xbox exclusives have come out this year so far; though no doubt they will still not bridge the sales gap, (Playstation sales this gaming generation being over 2x as much). In all reality the Scorpio is not gonna be THAT much more powerful than the PS4; comparing bigger numbers to what they actually amount to anyways (based off the numbers they are claiming the Scorpio will have). On the graphics front the PS4P uses a very good upscale which can make some games very close to 4k; and even on some games where they don't get a graphics boost they may run smoother; depending on how developers chose to optimize the games and on some games up to the options you choose as some games give you different resolution and frame rate options. https://www.google.com/amp/www.looper.com/36703/may-never-playstation-5/%3Famp%3D1 Above link is the article about why there may never be a PS5.
  6. Seller sent me a CNET Magazine instead of a ps4 pro
  7. I've said what I wanted to about the topic at hand and you guys know too well what I think about Ps4 vs Xbone, so do your worst, like I said I really don't GAF
  8. I liked #2 the most, #3 seemed pretty good but too short; #4 was nearly perfect (IMO); and then I enjoyed Syndicate as well (between #2 and 3); just my opinion though
  9. Pretty great IMO, but my opinion doesn't seem to mean shit around here. Not like I really care as I already got pretty drunk even knowing I'm supposed to be to work by 5:30 in the morning, and I'm gonna take my regular medicine as well as a bunch of ZZZ-QUILL, will be interesting to see what happens; at any rate idgaf because I've already been raped in the Anus for days by Ebay and paypal.
  10. I had 5 or 6 year of mostly positive buying and selling, only major problem was this last seller.
  11. Scrambled with a good amount of cheese and a little salt
  12. Well fuck you bitch, I don't need any haters in my life and your words can't hurt me Cuz I don't give a fuck
  13. Obvious scam is not as obvious as you think. Clearly you think you are immune to scams but any seller can decide to turn into a scammer, even one that has a good long history.
  14. I know how it works, it's just that it's not like they put in the listing "obvious scam, don't pay me", they make it look legit and charge you for what you want to buy, then send you something that costs way less.
  15. Everybody is a noob at some point and you don't know people are trying to outright scam you until you receive the wrong item in the mail.