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  1. if you serve abroad theres a chance you'll get sent to norway to check on the russians who tend to pop by our waters to say hi.
  2. its literally better for celebritys careers if they beat someone half to death than to grab someones ass.
  3. not in the nearest future.
  4. I dun gots mah hairs did. Beard is still there.
  5. can never forget kenny ya knoe
  6. a metal doorbell on the gates to the ladycave?
  7. whats a cooch?
  8. i get the "drugs are bad, M'kay" thing from southpark. just thought id sprinkle some knowledge on this turd sammich.
  9. not really... hospitals use ( a cleaner form of ) heroin to help people with severe pain. add/adhd meds are basically methanfetamines and marijuana can completely cure epilepsy and seizures for a limited time
  10. whats your steam username? i need people to play with and im sure some of you do to.
  11. But the way it was set up before it was like every other forum in the world, subforums were easy to find and easy to navigate. Now its just hidden behind a banner of "we wanna try something new", and its shit.
  12. I'd like to say that my speaky-speaky-english is much good, but it didn't understand some of those questions.
  13. i dont get the hype about his cameo on GOT... people gave him so much abuse after the episode aired that Ed Sheeran deleted his twitter account. i think he did just a good a job as anyone in that scene.
  14. i liked it, good build-up episode for the carnage to come.
  15. im thinking i might get a psp or a nintendo thingamajig if i go abroad, something to do on the plane/train or whatever.
  16. thats ryan in 30 years.
  17. Are you gonna tell us who the fuck died or are we gonna keep sitting here with our thumbs up our asses waiting for you to tell us?
  18. imma make vodka... but it cant really distill it... so it'll pretty much be tato wine.
  19. i grow tatoes.
  20. sweden, definitely sweden, its all syrians anyways.
  21. fuck off you commie twat!
  22. det var ikke du som bodde i nærheten av vallaheiene da?