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  1. wait... you didn't realize UNTIL NOW(!) that hes a cunt?
  2. who cares where ala AKA the midget pedo is featured?!
  3. in norwegian its "Eplesaft"
  4. some of you might know that im norwegian, and being norwegian and speaking norwegian(norsk) i can also understand danish(dansk) and swedish(svensk)...(and with my scandi roots i can also read some simple german sentences and icelandic) they can almost be classified as the same language with VERY heavy accents, like if you compared a heavy UK accent with a deep southern US accent. do other languages have the same traits?
  5. what would gollum know about snapchat?
  6. I kinda hope the vr+platform takes a bigger piece of the gaming world.
  7. last one i saw was Logan.
  8. use your admin mojo to add some options then
  9. No option if youre vegan / vegetarian... because thats gross.
  10. Does anyone else think that cosplay has gone too far when it comes to sexualising tv and gaming characters?
  11. her name is Arya,,, her first birthday is in 5 days... thats her "i double dare you motherfucker" look.
  12. .
  13. 0bought a cheap 360 ages ago just to play the campain on halo... nothing else. never bought an xbox before or since.
  14. left: trannie middle: future catlady right: "nobody knows my buttplug is set to vibrate"
  15. why watch a 144p free episode when you can pay next to nothing and watch unlimited for a month?