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  1. "dirk deserves better" oml
  2. one of the ladies my aesthetic is inspired from pam is my queen
  3. the bees are dying we know
  4. i'm about to go on week 4 of performing as Milky Juicy
  5. welcome back, follow my drag account @sistermilkyjuicy on insta :^ )
  7. this will be my legacy
  8. when Milos posted a picture of himself that wasn't drama but it was memorable
  9. I lip sync to a song of my choice which includes dancing and becoming that song Drag isn't limited to just that though, some drag performers sing live, impersonate celebrities, do stand-up comedy, compete in pageants, act, et c. What I do (again) is lip sync in bars and get tipped while doing so. it just all comes down to entertaining your crowd
  10. all of these sorry
  11. my drag, henny last Thursday I finally got out and performed at a bar in a city an hours drive away, and now I'll be continuing that and going (or at least trying) to every Thursday show here's a gif of me from last week
  12. i dont exist outside of drag anymore tbh
  13. idc about ryan saying this thread is stale I GOT MY COOCH PIERCED BITCHES