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  1. i'm useless with design, I'd be the next Kelley
  2. can i be gay
  3. when you're super underweight, it's more often than not (in first world countries) the person doing it to themself intentionally to be that size i mean both are bad, but if u know what you're doing is bad ur dumb
  4. i'm the forum prostitute
  5. 1. i luv u all 2. well, i'm much more active irl than I have been in the past couple of years, that's really it. i just need more personal time, i'm only so "active" is because i always have the homepage pulled up 3. great diversity, keeping up with the news, you can post literally whatever u want 4. for me, i just wanna see more people 5. i feel like i'm shouting in an empty room if i post new topics since they end up flopping, maybe i'm just not interesting lol
  6. there's at least,,,,,,one gay out there in there world
  7. "dirk deserves better" oml
  8. one of the ladies my aesthetic is inspired from pam is my queen
  9. the bees are dying we know
  10. i'm about to go on week 4 of performing as Milky Juicy
  11. welcome back, follow my drag account @sistermilkyjuicy on insta :^ )
  13. this will be my legacy
  14. when Milos posted a picture of himself that wasn't drama but it was memorable
  15. I lip sync to a song of my choice which includes dancing and becoming that song Drag isn't limited to just that though, some drag performers sing live, impersonate celebrities, do stand-up comedy, compete in pageants, act, et c. What I do (again) is lip sync in bars and get tipped while doing so. it just all comes down to entertaining your crowd
  16. all of these sorry
  17. my drag, henny last Thursday I finally got out and performed at a bar in a city an hours drive away, and now I'll be continuing that and going (or at least trying) to every Thursday show here's a gif of me from last week
  18. i dont exist outside of drag anymore tbh
  19. Hello friends I'd like to know what you have pierced, and feel free to post about your experience getting some of your piercings and even pictures if you like :^ ) I first had my ear lobes done when I was about 11 or 12, I let them grow up for a couple years. I then had them repierced when I was 14 because I was desperate to feel like a woman I guess. My second lobe piercings were done right at the end of freshmen year or the beginning of summer that year when I was 15. They're actually off from each other and took a bit longer to heal. Helix was done last year on my left ear along with my eyes tattoo on the same night, and my daith was done a couple weeks later on my right. Nose was done a couple months ago because I showed up to where I work and found out I wasn't on the schedule, so I was like "fuck it lets do this shit" and went to get it done. Mom isn't fond of it but my grandma is. Last Saturday I got my nipples pierced (somewhat on impulse) with my friend Nik that most of you know about. At some point Nik was trying to distract me during the process by showing me pictures of dogs. He then asked "Who's a good boy?" followed by me yelling "NELSON NELSON NELSON." Yeah, I was yelling in that tattoo place. Oops. truly an experience but they look gud af
  20. idc about ryan saying this thread is stale I GOT MY COOCH PIERCED BITCHES
  21. apparently they're the most similar overall
  22. art is a reflection of the times, not of the artist's talents