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  1. Isn't this the guy who said you can't rape your gf but you're just now done with him?
  2. Pleasant Personality Wow! If everyone was as nice as you, we wouldn't need doormats anymore. Your personality seems more passive-passive than passive-aggressive. Don't be afraid to speak up and let your voice be heard, sister! The world can still be all sunshine and lollipops if you learn how to stand up for yourself or say "no" now and then. Standing up for yourself isn't passive-aggressive behavior, it's merely a sign of confidence. These answers were pretty ridiculous. Who would actually let their cart smash into the other persons / order all that food to the party? How angry at the world can someone be?
  3. For once I'm going to reserve my snarky comments to you and genuinely ask why you're for fox hunting. So, why are you pro fox hunting?
  4. I didn't know him but I'm glad he's doing better now! You and Tristan helping out is really great. You tha real MVP Will his arm improve anytime soon or is it gonna be bunged up for life?
  5. It's nice that she's open to talking to the opposing sides but like Ryan said, that's nothing to applaud as it's just how things should be.
  6. Seeker isn't Molly, but Molly is Seeker. he's been fooling us all! Good catch Ala
  7. Looks like the most similar languages are Finnish and Meänkieli Galician and Portuguese Galician and Spanish I knew French, Spanish, and Italian all had some similarities but I didn't know about the rest on the list. Cooooool.
  8. Heterosexual... suurrreeee
  9. Happy birthday cee!
  10. that would explain it, had I not tried to do the quiz before bry or jimmy who were both able to. i can only assume buzzfeed felt my feminism and the quiz blew up
  11. seriously, why doesn't it exist for me
  12. It's saying the page doesn't exist Guess I'm a feminist
  13. my future
  14. I can't wait to have matching outfits with my kids. Our family photos will be the cheesiest thing you've ever seen