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  1. I just want clubs around to make a Harry Potter one y'know
  2. How do you define being nice? Probably by the cliche of treating those you get nothing from kindly. I think most people would do a lot for loved ones but what would you do for a stranger? Do you think you're nice? I’d like to think so. Do you actively try to be nice? Only around people who chew with their mouth open. Gotta summon all the strength in the world not to go on a rampage
  3. Wow Ryan
  4. Can you imagine someone being like “sorry miss I refuse to serve you, you’re clearly pregnant” and her not being pregnant but yeah if someone is obviously pregnant you should be able to refuse them
  5. I liked the older way better but I think a mix would work. Clubs would make sense for some things, but for general threads I’m not a fan.
  6. Wow what highlighter does the girl in the first pic have on
  7. I believe it. Blake successfully ruined mine and Bryannas friendship because he was feeding us both lies about each other, a fact I only was recently made aware of. He let me cry to him when it was all his fault in the first place! How messed up can you be to seek out ruining a friendship for fun then comfort the people all the while knowing it's your fault they're in the pain they're in? People have feelings blake, you don't just get to treat people like this. He's also incredibly racist. Despite his love for his own race and hatred of white people, like cee said, he actually likes to date white women just so he can humiliate them sexually. He's a sadist who likes to exploit the kinks of innocent white women, and he needs to be told it's wrong. Women allow him to behave this way because it's easy to fall for those puppy dog eyes and pouty lips, but it's all apart of his trick. He makes himself seem vulnerable to you too but he isn't really. We're all just pawns in his game, I'm so glad you called him out. Who hurt you Blake?!
  8. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 do you think drag has helped build confidence?
  9. My what was more for "why can't you just say friends, why you gotta add Indian"
  10. What
  11. It's been destined from the start sorry not sorry @EndangeredShark the writers having him swear and be aggressive every sentence is just boring to me now. i feel the same way about cersei's whole "we're the only ones who matter" bit.
  12. I want to see it! I forgot it was out, oops. I'll have to go see it
  13. I think it was called SiREN? I'm going to rewatch it but I think it was pretty terrible
  14. I watched it again and am I the only one who is bored of the hound now? We get it, you swear and are so bad ass. It felt really forced. When a character swears that much and says really harsh things that much, it takes away any shock or feeling from it. i'm very excited for the rest of the season though and it was still a good episode.
  15. is what bry means by supporting abortion up to 18 years? I'm with Ryan, I think if you want to choose to end your life you should have a "safe" way of doing it, opposed to doing it yourself and suffering throughout the process. I also agree that saying someone with a mental illness shouldn't be allowed is far too broad of stroke, plus who isn't mentally ill these days. It seems like everyone has some kind of depression/anxiety/ocd thing. Who are you, who am I, who is anyone to force someone to live? What right do we have to deny someone the right to their own death. If it's someone we love, I'm sure we won't like it, but if they've been suffering for so long then isn't it selfish to force them to continue? If they've tried all other options I think it is. Assisted suicide is legal in Canada for the terminally ill, but I would support it being legalized for other cases. But I do think the person should have to try the other options available first, like therapy/meds/etc.