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  1. I'm getting my sleep schedule back on track while getting a TBC mage geared up. So far, so good.
  2. Someone else take it. I have NO clever response to this.
  3. Continuing onwards: Man, are you attentionwhoring 16 year old girl kryptonite or what?
  4. You know, I've heard of people having sex with dolls. What I've never heard of, is someone being a parent to one.
  5. The problem I have with the MRM is the same problem I have with feminism. When the original issues have been dealt with, it'll end up as a movement desperately trying to stay relevant, either by shaming tactics, fabricated claims of inequality or even blatant distortion of reality. Egalitarian or bust.
  6. Sounds like quite the project - I'd love to hear you out or help in some capacity. The world needs an alternative - either one that goes the Ello route or one that's much more benevolent with their mined data (Discord comes to mind.)
  7. Ello is like a fusion of Tumblr and Facebook with a strict no datamining policy. Well, MySpace was blown out of the water by Facebook way back, so there may still be hope.
  8. Hmu if you decide to release a cook book. I have some recipes you might enjoy.
  9. The first thing I'd do is require a layman's explanation for their privacy and datamining policies easily accessible for users (you obviously need the legalese ToS for obvious reasons, I'm thinking more of an additional TL;DR or ELI5 write-up that clearly spells out exactly how they're allowed to use your data.) This is most important in regards to the big five for the following reasons: Facebook is (no tinfoil hat seriously) colluding with government akin to a de facto NSA. Instagram has terms of service which allows them to use and monetize whatever photos you decide to upload, without paying you a cent. LinkedIn has terms of service which allows them to do pretty much whatever they want with everything posted on the platform. Twitter is skewing results to favour certain views and ideas over others (most platforms do this, but the nature of Twitter and the way they go about it is especially sinister) Google (YouTube) is pretty much set for world domination. ... But I digress. If anything, I wish people would mass migrate to other platforms (Ello, anyone?) but that doesn't seem plausible any time soon.
  10. 3:21-3:27
  11. Same premise as the music expansion thread, except with political opinions. You rate the one above you on a scale from 1-10 (based on how much you agree) and explain why. You then post a political opinion of your own. I'll start: The world would be a better place if Israel or Oman expanded and took over the entire Middle East.
  12. As long as the method is humane, I'm all for killing repeat offenders of heinous crimes, but that's more from a standpoint of efficiency and economic morality than anything else. Taxes are the price of civilization, so why should the taxpayer feel obligated to pay for the imprisonment of someone who has (now repeatedly) proven themselves unwilling to follow the rules of civilization?
  13. Honestly, I'd like to see the world from a perspective like yours. Just for a day, perhaps. Because never in the history of ever has outrage or conversations between average people been the cause of scientific breakthroughs. What you're advocating is slacktivism, which no, the world most certainly doesn't need more of, and no, the world most certainly doesn't benefit from being about something other than whatever the fuck is trending right now. All it does is make you feel better about yourself, which is fine, don't let me rain on your parade, but seriously... What the fuck is going through your head?
  14. Oh wow, I recognize him. He did a TWIS for Sargon last month or so, and he was fucking great. "Studies from the Universite of Common Sense 'av shown thae fights conta'n a considerabley higher level 'f punchin' then most other social events, ther'for when ye enter'a situation thae conte'ns a fight ye have ta' accep the fact tha' ye most likele ar' go'n ta' get fuckin' punched. Do ye also jump into swimming pools an' compla'n abou' get'n wet, ye fuckin' idiot?" -CountDankula on Moldylocks "Do ye mean 4chan?... 4chan es responsibl fer Donal Trumps presidency? It had nothin' ta do with the actual votes or the electoral college or anything, but a bunch o' neckbeards livin' in ther Mum's basement wer pullin' the strings the entire teim, like the'r some kind of neu-age weeaboo illuminate?" -CountDankula on left-wing journalism "So, ye can go into the AntiFa bigcartel, buy yerself some t-shirts, flags, beanies, so ye can show the world how much of a cunt ye ar'... Tha' also sounds a Hell of a lo' like thae Capitalism thing thae AntiFa's suppos'd ta' be fight'n against, bu' 'ey, the Revolution ain't cheep an' Daddy's trust fund can only go so far." -CountDankula on AntiFa "Imagine bein' a member af thae evil ces-whi'-male Patrearche, an' you're payin' thousands o'dollars a'year tae attend'a Universite, so that ye can be forced ta'taek a class that ye don' wan' tae do, you don't even get any credit fo'r an' that ye will gain lit'rally nothin' from, jus' so ye can go'n attend it for a few hours each day 'n be told that yer absolutely terrible jus' because of who ye are. Who's gonna pay thousands jes'ta be tol' tha'the'r shet... I jus' nee' ta call my Dad an' I can get tha' shet for free." -CountDankula on Forced Social Justice courses at Clemson University
  15. Yes. YES! GOOD GOYS! Fuel his paranoia. Direct the YouTube masses in his direction.