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  1. Honestly, I'd like to see the world from a perspective like yours. Just for a day, perhaps. Because never in the history of ever has outrage or conversations between average people been the cause of scientific breakthroughs. What you're advocating is slacktivism, which no, the world most certainly doesn't need more of, and no, the world most certainly doesn't benefit from being about something other than whatever the fuck is trending right now. All it does is make you feel better about yourself, which is fine, don't let me rain on your parade, but seriously... What the fuck is going through your head?
  2. Oh wow, I recognize him. He did a TWIS for Sargon last month or so, and he was fucking great. "Studies from the Universite of Common Sense 'av shown thae fights conta'n a considerabley higher level 'f punchin' then most other social events, ther'for when ye enter'a situation thae conte'ns a fight ye have ta' accep the fact tha' ye most likele ar' go'n ta' get fuckin' punched. Do ye also jump into swimming pools an' compla'n abou' get'n wet, ye fuckin' idiot?" -CountDankula on Moldylocks "Do ye mean 4chan?... 4chan es responsibl fer Donal Trumps presidency? It had nothin' ta do with the actual votes or the electoral college or anything, but a bunch o' neckbeards livin' in ther Mum's basement wer pullin' the strings the entire teim, like the'r some kind of neu-age weeaboo illuminate?" -CountDankula on left-wing journalism "So, ye can go into the AntiFa bigcartel, buy yerself some t-shirts, flags, beanies, so ye can show the world how much of a cunt ye ar'... Tha' also sounds a Hell of a lo' like thae Capitalism thing thae AntiFa's suppos'd ta' be fight'n against, bu' 'ey, the Revolution ain't cheep an' Daddy's trust fund can only go so far." -CountDankula on AntiFa "Imagine bein' a member af thae evil ces-whi'-male Patrearche, an' you're payin' thousands o'dollars a'year tae attend'a Universite, so that ye can be forced ta'taek a class that ye don' wan' tae do, you don't even get any credit fo'r an' that ye will gain lit'rally nothin' from, jus' so ye can go'n attend it for a few hours each day 'n be told that yer absolutely terrible jus' because of who ye are. Who's gonna pay thousands jes'ta be tol' tha'the'r shet... I jus' nee' ta call my Dad an' I can get tha' shet for free." -CountDankula on Forced Social Justice courses at Clemson University
  3. Yes. YES! GOOD GOYS! Fuel his paranoia. Direct the YouTube masses in his direction.
  4. I don't know the guy, but I'm thrilled to hear that he's thriving now - kudos to you for taking the initiative and helping out a man in need. Sounds like you've helped turn his life around. In the case of misfortune, please don't hesitate to keep us updated. I (along with others, I presume) would be more than willing to give a hand however/if needed.
  5. Yeah, so am I, but that doesn't make me string out retarded statements unrelated to the discussion.
  6. Dude.
  7. For those who've been living under a rock, Laci Green has recently been under fire from her 'own side', for daring to express an interest in conversing with people on the opposite side of the ideological spectrum. What are your two cents on it? Personally, I'm enjoying the shitstorm it has caused, but it also gives me some strange hope for the future. I'm quite excited to see what will come of this, and whether others will follow suit.
  8. Spanish and French are quite similar in terms of vocabulary and grammar, at least in my opinion.
  9. Just to clarify: I am not Molly, but I am in fact Erica. I'm sorry for the confusion.
  10. Don't overprepare, but make sure you come prepared. Think it through: what's the worst that could happen? Practice, practice, practice - preferably in front of a camera or a mirror. If you decide to record, don't pay attention to how you sound, but whether you're speaking clearly. This will also give you a rough idea of exactly how much time your material takes to present. Accept the fact that people get nervous. It's commonplace, so there's no need to beat yourself up over it. It's also okay to (if you think it'll help) tell the audience "I'm a little nervous" as long as you keep it short and preferably nonintrusive to the rest of your presentation.
  11. I'm crying with laughter.
  12. oi bruv, boutta smoka fag iwus, chippin in? shagginya missus atly? as greatta ear, er fannys noice? watchyaback, wusgoo chirpin witya. fishnchips, applsnpers. gosavthequeenallothapalava.
  13. Hooray, a new tumor for me. Thanks, dick.
  15. Bitch I'm gorgeous.