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  1. Even mine.
  2. This is the third or fourth DT test I've taken, and the results are all fairly similar to this. The high Mach blew my mind at first (always thought I was more Narc) but after reading up on it and really thinking it through, I can definitely see myself as having more Mach than Narc traits.
  3. Anyone with the name Isis.
  4. Capitalism is based around voluntary exchanges between people. You can't buy something if someone doesn't want to sell it to you. Full stop.
  5. You should vary your sentences. Right off the bat, you start the vast majority of them with "I". The start is otherwise good in terms of hooking - I'll update as I read through it.
  6. I've had a tube stuck up my wiener as part of surgery. Once I was in a condition to leave the hospital, a nurse had to help me out with a suppository laxitive, because 1: morphine makes it hard for you to take a dump, 2: I hadn't taken a dump since I had the surgery, 3: being high as a kite on morphine makes it very difficult to administer a suppository for yourself.
  7. WoW sucks now /thread
  8. Venezuela
  9. I have indeed. Sassy .gifs galore, btw. I've considered getting into it myself, if I find out whether there's a place for it here. Do you have any tips for someone who wants to or is just starting out?
  10. As far as I'm concerned, Ryan's hit the nail on the head. Cyberbullying isn't an issue, at least not currently. If the future of education goes mostly digital, then we might have issues with kids being assholes to each other on a platform that's mandatory for them to use, but I doubt it'd be a major one as long as identities are easily traceable and it keeps proper logs (so that if bullying does happen, it's immediately clear, unless the bully gains access to another student's ID or something like that.) As it stands today, cyberbullying is just an umbrella term for social media communication that the recipient finds unpleasant, inflammatory, offensive, hurtful, etc. The owners of the platform should be free to dictate what isn't allowed on the platform and are usually (99%) generous enough to provide users with a report and/or block function. I personally believe the solution to our current 'cyberbullying epidemic' is for people to grow thicker skin, but if not that, just filter out the stuff you don't want to see. Ez pz like ur mum.
  11. Lmao at Jimmy wanting to restrict the free market. I thought you were a capitalist.
  12. TheEternalSeeker. I play some Dota 2 and Quake III Arena every once in a blue moon.
  13. 7/10 alone, but when you count the fact that Summer was used as a MoonMan beat, it's easily 10/10.