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  1. Wtf

    But you can poke
  2. I FORGOT ABOUT THIS! Ill never be sexu because im lactose intolerant.
  3. I've been with my partner in total for just short of a year, however we did have a period where we thought things would be better for us if we were not together. We met because he was friends with my best friend, who has no patience, and was all "hey, so we are going to play Wow with Mason because you make me want to scream." And I ended up liking the kid. A lot. He makes me very happy.
  4. Hello!!
  5. http:// this is my baby sister. I love how she's always a mess.
  6. I was referring to changing the mentality, not the physical aspect and I suppose that is my fault for not specifying. However, I know that is not easy. At all. I myself and five foot seven inches and weigh one hundred and thirty-six pounds. Yet whenever I look at myself in the mirror all I see is fat. So I fully understand that it is hard to accept that being that small isn't healthy, and that it is seriously damaging her body.
  8. GG M8
  9. I am also stubborn as fuck...
  10. So.... Can I not kill myself?? I agree with abortion up until the end of the first trimester.
  11. Greatest advice ever to come from a Grandma.
  12. Her content annoys me, so I haven't bothered to care too much. However, I do think that she may need help learning how to gain weight, and keep it.
  13. She makes me uncomfortable... I do not believe in idolizing somebody who is that large, it cannot be good for your body. But, in edits of pictures to make her look slimmer, I find her very attractive.
  14. Oh yeah?
  15. I regret making this thread.