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  1. Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
  2. It would be easier to run a facebook group than a forum tbh
  3. It's a shame the forum craze died out, some good shit went down but everything has to go in the end. At least I still have you on Facebook, I'll kick the shit out of you if you lose contact with me you sack of dicks.
  4. Had a doctor at hospital check my balls for appendicitis (my appendix isn't in my nutsack). Also had the ol' finger up the arse, which wasn't exactly an enjoyable experience, having a 40+ year old sarcastic bastard hanging out of you by his finger.
  5. Aw my God, it's fucking Twixie Scuderi 🙊
  6. A Scottish YouTuber is getting a year shoved up his arse for offensive jokes and it isn't you? You aren't trying hard enough.
  7. Old video is old.
  8. You clearly haven't watched The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  9. A Series of Unfortunate Events
  10. Long story short, he got to me. I've been replying to every one of his tweets about that calling him out for his shit and I know it's what he wants, but I'm hoping he'll step his game up with more hate he receives and he'll do something that will totally PewDiePie his career into the toilet.
  11. Is this just a "My dick is bigger than your dick" argument? Why you getting mad because people prefer Xbox? Did we hurt your pwecious widdle feelings by insulting Papa Sony? Let me also add that my friend (who never bought anything other than Playstation before he met me) had both the PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as both the PS4 and the Xbox One. I used to go to his house every weekend and we would alternate between consoles and even him, as the die hard Playstation consumer he was, preferred the 360 and the One over their Sony counterparts. Once again, to re-re-re-re-iterate everyone else's point, personal preference can never be shat upon.
  12. I went veggie for a month in college and it was the worst experience of my life. I was losing sleep over KFC.
  13. The ones from the 80s were the best.
  14. Gun control will never work because that just leaves guns in the hands of the criminals (I know, it's a worn out argument but fuck you). That's not to say there shouldn't be regulations in place to keep them out of the hands of tards and morons, there should be a psych evaluation with every license issued. I am planning on getting my gun license and getting a handgun and a shotgun. This is purely for home defence because Americans be fucking crazy and ain't nobody gonna be busting into my house and doing whatnot to my missus and kid, unless they want their nutsacks peppered with buckshot. No tards though, they ruin it for everyone with their tendies to shoot up schools.
  15. I don't need Breath of the Wild, I still get countless hours of entertainment from Twilight Princess for the past ten years (Holy shit, Twilight Princess is ten years old)
  16. Why did you take two clothing store mannequins to prom?
  17. I stayed home and played runescape. Kinda glad I didn't go, two girls from my year ended up getting pregnant and knowing my luck, it would have been three if I went.
  18. Oh Christ
  19. Amazon taking their time with your chloroform delivery, eh?
  20. Oh fuck, its you again.
  21. I'm the opposite of freegan. I'm a pro consumerist junk food loving motherfucker. I swear McDonalds has a claim on my soul or something.
  22. Post 'em, I can't get iPlayer here.
  23. Here we fucking go again. Hi, I'm me. I hate you all and you probably all hate me so that's a good first impression to give on both our parts.
  24. Of course it isn't. Where are the sails and crew?