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  1. I'm pretty lucky in that I rarely get colds or bugs or infections or anything like that. Saying that I've just got rid of a cold. I'm not so lucky when it comes to some of my organs not functioning the way they should, my kidneys develops stones at an alarming rate which is really painful and for me unavoidable. I can go years without an episode of pain although the stones are always there. I also have 2 large stones sitting in my gallbladder but they don't cause me any problems so the surgeon has agreed to let me keep them at the moment. I do, on occasion (maybe 4-5 times a year) suffer from migraine which really sucks but I have medication to help deal with that. I've also had more than my fair share of abscesses which have needed surgery to be removed. They have made me really sick and at one point I was on antibiotics for almost a year which made me more ill than anything!
  2. Love good red wine, enjoy a Bombay sapphire gin and tonic, I also like to experiment with cocktails.
  3. Great photo guys! I hope you all enjoyed the wine library! 😘🍷
  4. 5ft of perfection 😂
  5. Guess that means no.....😳🙊
  6. Awwwww man.... I've missed a lot of crap over the years huh? Holly seems like a lot of fun! I learned today what a 'Prince Albert' piercing is.... I thought I had been scarred for life but I think Holly could be even more of a horror! 😵 Ryan, you gonna sell them photos??? 😜😂
  7. Deathly Hallows was my favourite, I loved the hype on the run up to it and spent too much time on fan sites trying to guess what the hallows were going to be and really enjoyed the way the books seemed to age with the characters.
  8. I eat most things and probably too much because I'm a greedy bitch 😂
  9. I only drink red wine, the heavier the better. My favourites are; chateauneuf du pape, Amarone and i love a good smoky Rioja! 🍷
  10. Can't stand onions.... raw or cooked. Can manage wee tiny invisible ones cooked in burgers or stew or curry.
  11. I selected 'Taken' and 'Married' as I have a civil partner but technically not married in the eyes of God but definitely taken 🤓
  12. Crocuses in my front garden 5 years ago.... my favourite colour! 😊
  13. Machine I usually just add milk, if it's instant I have milk and sugar!