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  1. My favorite moment is when you gave me warning points for advertising my live.me channel. hay if any of you have the live.me phone app follow me tink.
  2. Ryan jerks off to zyde
  3. Hay guys long time no seek. if you are board join live.me on your cell phones and follow me ♠Tink♠. join my fam 24 hour chat. I made it to level 27 broadcast er. there is only 100 levels. if u miss my sexy nezz der u go
  4. ooouuu thanks for the litty comment ryan
  5. hay sexy u miss me
  6. I'm going to be doing more youtube stuff. the end is kinda funny.
  7. thanks bro.
  8. its fun. but the people omg. they got to me bro. I'm gonna work on youtube for a bit and once I go back to live.me I'm gonna advertise the shit out of my youtube. I'm up to four hundred dollars made on live.me now
  9. I feel bad for actors
  10. Hay gang its tangy. so I'm in the dumps guys. I was a live.me live caster and did well. but being a livecaster kind of had its down side. first off I'm wicked goofy and the responses over time kind of got to me. yeah I get viewers and gifts. even had a fruit basket mailed to me. there is a woman I fell in love with she is a cop. id block chicks trying to hit on me to make the woman I like not jelly. weird thing about being an entertainer is you get a lot of people . I'm going to tae a break to go back here where the tinka tang thing started. I'm so depressed. being an entertainer is hard and the mild amount of fame I have drove me crazy kinda. I'm so sad and depressed. I'm a nice guy and would do any thing for any one but people like to put me down.
  11. nice to meet u.