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  1. ha yea for now i still am
  2. is there any sort of reward for the participants or are you just doing the show for fun?
  3. Moving can be annoying but once you're settled into your new place hopefully it won't take long to get comfortable there
  4. Melissa Benoist Hayley Mcfarland
  5. my chest is looking more pronounced since i started working out again 💪
  6. ha i should have seen that one coming 😛
  7. i only drink coconut milk
  8. Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Gladiator The Patriot Top Gun I Am Legend Star Wars (series) LoTR & Hobbit (series) Harry Potter (series) The Nightmare Before Christmas The Last Samurai no particual order those are my faves
  9. 1. Mass Effect (3,2,1) 2. Final Fantasy (VII, VIII, XII, X, XV, IX) 3.Call Of Duty (CoD4:MW, MW2, MW3) 4. Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) 5. Kingdom Hearts (1, 2, BBS) 6. Megaman X (X, X4, X2) 7. Marvel vs Capcom 2 8. YuGiOh: Legacy Of The Duelist 9. Shadow Hearts 10. Digimon World 2
  10. As usual Dirkster knows what's good FF7: Remake (part 1) Mass Effect: Andromeda Kingdom Hearts 2.8 (I want KH3 way more but idt that'll come out this year) God Of War (looks dope af and the whole adding rpg elements has me excited for it) Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Digimon World: Next Order