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  1. sheila i’m sure i’m speaking for everyone when i say we’d love to have you in our discord server
  2. So many are being called out that its inevitable that we'll all lose someone we like. Who would probably bother you the most? For me it would be Chris Pratt.
  3. buy reputation on itunes

  4. is this right
  5. this doesnt answer any of my many questions either
  6. i have no fucking idea what a surreal meme is and the pictures dont really help
  7. yeah shes literally everyones favorite
  8. nobody could forget you kendra
  9. i'm honestly surprised you didn't link
  10. i've waited 4 years for this song to leak
  11. instead of getting all pissy about what your kid may or may not be learning in school, you should be pissy on the fact that you totally fucked up the spelling of career