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  1. buy lust for life on itunes

    1. ragreynolds
    2. bryanna


      why even pirate music these days when spotify is a thing tbh i didn't even buy lust for life on itunes i pay $10 a month to stream this shit

    3. ragreynolds


      I agree for he most part. If you were a young teen and couldn't afford it then I'd understand. Also, sometimes I wanna use songs in my videos and I can't get the files via Spotify and I don't wanna buy them, so I pirate them in those cases. But for the most part, yeah, there isn't really a need to pirate when Spotify and Apple Music exist, unless of course you wanna listen to something that isn't on those platforms

  2. olenna is a perfect example of someone who was in westeros one minute and part of dany's fleet the next. honestly it's weird that ed sheeran bothers you but they cast a good chunk of the harry potter cast and its no big deal cause they're actors (using that as an example cause for me personally i have a hard time seeing a lot of them as other characters other than their harry potter characters but it doesn't bother me really.) him being there didn't change anything, he's playing a role and he has every right to. maybe he wants to do some acting, i don't see why that is so upsetting to people. at the end of the day its a tv show and it's all in good fun. it wasn't even as if the show was shoving him in your face, he was there for like 3 minutes and he actually served a purpose. i actually just now read that he made a cameo because they wanted the audience to feel an attachment to him and want arya to spare him if that makes sense? because a random guy showing up nobody will really care if he dies, but they wanted to show that arya isn't heartless and they want her to spare him since he didn't do anything to her. fair enough, but i'd imagine that she either made sure everyone was inside before giving the toast, or she could have easily locked the doors like walder did for the red wedding. and in the eyes of his family members, if walder frey tells you to drink, you drink. drinking is a normal thing on the show anyways, it's probably like drinking water. so it is plausible that someone wasn't inside during the toast, but also plausible that everyone in the room would take a drink. i'll agree her storyline slowed down for a bit because she's just been ruling meereen but i think we can all agree that this season she's going to do a ton of shit and it's gonna be exciting. and i'll agree she isn't as good as some of the actor's on the show such as alfie allen, but she's definitely not the worst. jokes aside i don't think that reddit or youtube really confirms if her acting is bad or not because they also say sophie turner is a terrible actress when actually she's pretty good. i could go on reddit right now and probably find people saying peter dinklage is awful and his scenes are boring etc. (well ok his scenes haven't been as good as they used to but catch my drift?) i think at the end of the day what makes game of thrones so good is everyone has differing opinions and the same could be said for each of the points brought up, including the ed thing i will defend him to the death because he did a good job and was having fun and people overreacted to him being on the screen for a short amount of time.
  3. arya and dany actually stole the show this episode in my opinion. i don't see where emilia could be bad at acting cause i thought she did a really good job (this episode barely showed her and she had one line but she still did pretty good. obviously shes not gonna show up and be like "omg im here yay look at the sand time to relax", shes gonna be in serious mode because she knows the hard work is about to come. the lets begin line literally slayed my existence) arya definitely couldve pulled off that first scene because it wasnt a very difficult assassination anyways. she took walders face which isnt very hard to believe since she was trained by the faceless men for like 2 years even if they didnt show a lot of training. and then after she had the face all she had to do was poison them. not very difficult at all. shes going to find it more difficult to kill the queen but i don't think she's going to succeed doing that anyways cause jaime will probably be the one to do so. i'll agree that she appeared in westeros really quickly last season but honestly who knows how much time actually passes in a season and braavos is not that far from westeros so it's plausible. don't get why people complain about that when littlefinger literally teleports from location to location all the time. as for ed i find it ridiculous how many people are upset that he made a cameo when plenty of other celebrities have made cameos and nobody complained. even if you didn't notice them, it's still happened before and its not a big deal. i had a quick laugh when they first showed him while he was singing, but i definitely wasn't distracted by the fact that he was there when the actual dialogue was going on. and it's not like his cameo was a surprise, it's been a known thing for months now and you should've already expected it. the hound was great but it wasn't the best part of the episode, but other than all that shit i agree with you about sams scenes and jaime and cersei's scenes.
  4. i honestly forgot statuses were a thing here 

    1. ArseRaptor


      i dont even know how to make one...

  5. i didnt realize he hadnt already deleted his twitter, but he was already at least intending to. he said in an interview he was done with all social media except for instagram so him deleting it definitely has nothing to do with got. they shouldnt have put aryas scene as the opening scene imo because it was the most exciting and left everything else kinda bland but they also couldnt do it at the end cause dany's who "shall we begin" thing was the perfect ending. jaime and cersei were boring as shit and they basically rehashed the same old shit in their first scene. jon and sansa were good, im really relieved to see sansa isnt buying into littlefingers bullshit because there were rumors she was listening to him and hating jon for being kitn. jon should listen to her tho for sure. the hounds scene was great, i love that he ended up back on the farm and properly buried that father and daughter. sams stuff was gross but hes gonna cure jorah and then find out jons parentage ayyyy. and none for bran stark bye
  6. one more channel i'm not gonna watch
  7. i haven't played my 3ds in a few months tbh
  8. i feel like at some point on the old rr there was a thread like this so i thought i'd make one cause im bored as fuck i feel like i should say right away that i always forget people so call me out on that shit also not sure if everyone is even a member on this site but they are like on discord and shit so ill list them anyways caity obviously thor is my buddy cherie isnt that bad i guess dirk deserves better token is the dog pic dealer lily gets sympathy from me cause she is mute kelley might not ever be around but she'll always be right here in my list kendra is everyones fave lets face it leon is ok until you mention something you like and he has to fight you on it
  9. skype in 2017? theres the first mistake
  10. we can finally rule nox out of who died
  11. breath of the wild
  12. its been 4 years nobody cares anymore
  13. you if you dont tell us who died
  14. at first i thought you were holding a gun but that's probably because you give off school shooter vibes