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  1. not really i mean besides the stethoscope being right at my boobs thats for my heartbeat though
  2. theres a few shady details about the whole thing but idk if i would say that i believe the conspiracy theories
  3. its unfortunate the forums dead hbd
  4. fun fact: ryan and tallvideos were in a call together discussing what videos they'd make and when they would end the drama and tallvideos also has an account on this fucking site
  5. gay cowboys singing about the world
  6. the crazies are right the world does end on the 23rd http://prntscr.com/gjb40p

  7. it definitely is a good thing
  8. not complete trash, they found the real author of my immortal
  9. i don't think this is right
  10. i dont think its fake but this video had me shook idk
  11. i dont see him referring to any specific crimes this is clearly manipulated to change the narrative
  12. thor would never
  13. happy bday to one of my favorite members here on rr!!!