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  1. buy reputation on itunes

  2. the crazies are right the world does end on the 23rd http://prntscr.com/gjb40p

  3. buy look what you made me do on itunes

  4. i just want some fucking bubblegum ice cream 

  5. buy lust for life on itunes

    1. ragreynolds
    2. bryanna


      why even pirate music these days when spotify is a thing tbh i didn't even buy lust for life on itunes i pay $10 a month to stream this shit

    3. ragreynolds


      I agree for he most part. If you were a young teen and couldn't afford it then I'd understand. Also, sometimes I wanna use songs in my videos and I can't get the files via Spotify and I don't wanna buy them, so I pirate them in those cases. But for the most part, yeah, there isn't really a need to pirate when Spotify and Apple Music exist, unless of course you wanna listen to something that isn't on those platforms

  6. i honestly forgot statuses were a thing here 

    1. ArseRaptor


      i dont even know how to make one...

  7. me: im gonna play final fantasy nonstop on my days off

    my friend: gets a dog

    me: wtf is final fantasy i don't know her

  8. i'm getting quite worried at the number of screenshots people have of me 

  9. nobody has asked me for tvs today so far so good 

  10. hi i'm back from social life

  11. how long until this site is fuckin rekt?