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  1. i'm honestly surprised you didn't link
  2. i've waited 4 years for this song to leak
  3. instead of getting all pissy about what your kid may or may not be learning in school, you should be pissy on the fact that you totally fucked up the spelling of career
  4. wasnt aware he did that a first time
  5. adding onto that sims dont even look bad. a lot of people use cc and make their sims look really good
  6. this dude is just desperate for views. not only did he come here just to post that video, but he has the same clip in another video.
  7. this trailer seems like its gonna be super misleading, especially kylo reaching out his hand for rey ive also seen people saying that they think kylo isnt gonna kill leia but i think its highly likely he will or someone else will cause she has to somehow
  8. good luck
  9. what happened to seattle so you can film with greg?
  10. that poor actor guy ryan reynolds who has to share a name with shreks greasy half brother
  11. really fucking annoying that i have to join this club just to even post this but pretty much hasnt changed
  12. do what i suggested months ago
  13. it looks awful. would only look good on helena bonham carter