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  1. i have had to wait a year anyways to not know what happens next
  2. overdose on pills
  3. you're the one who still talks to him
  4. i'm still wishing that there were more leaks tho somebody from rr should hack hbo
  5. people are speculating that the hackers are full of shit cause they're trying to hold the episodes for ransom but haven't provided any proof they actually have episodes and hbo definitely isn't gonna give them money so the fact that they haven't leaked means they probably won't
  6. well you're on my list for never being around
  7. i just want some fucking bubblegum ice cream 

  8. literally they're fucking stupid cause their logo was right there
  9. i didnt say you were going to fall for it, i just said my spoilers were better than yours
  10. already watched the leaked episode but my spoilers are better than your spoilers edit: it's season spoilers cause people like ryan fall for this shit apparently
  11. Bringing this shit back in honor of there being an actual drama group now. You know the drill.
  12. ok im actually like genuinely confused about that guy like is he someone everyone knows that is pretending to be edgy or like what the fuck is going on
  13. bran telling sansa she was beautiful when she was getting raped is less gross than dany and jon
  14. click on the discussions part of the club and there will be a button that says start new topic
  15. i dont think anyone can top kelley when it comes to brilliant design
  16. Joined this just for a quick second because I'm not interested in debating this but I would like to say that my view on it is that because of capitalism there are people out there literally starving, don't have homes, unable to take care of themselves, etc. while there are people with excessive amounts of money that they don't need and will probably never spend a good chunk of it. I don't believe in like a communist dictatorship, but we really need an actual equal opportunity for everyone because everybody deserves the chance to live. I think capitalism does not entirely work and that a good balanced mix of the two would be nice, but I will honestly say that I am more favored towards socialism.
  17. honestly took molly for a deviantart kinda girl
  18. cherie is the only one hating on the hound we don't condone her behvior
  19. both are awful but i think underweight could definitely be worse because it can be a much quicker way to die. sure there are all sorts of risks to being overweight but if you are severely underweight your body burns all its fat and muscles for energy, your organs shut down, etc and even if you overcome it there can be permanent damage both physically and mentally. i've always found being underweight to be scarier
  20. 1. What are your main reasons for using RR? boredom to be honest, not a lot of people are ever on here and the people who would be on here are on discord 2. What would make you use RR more? more people using it, new members would be great but so far any new people that show up are unbearable i think we can all agree on that3. Give 3 things that you think RR is great for. me, caity, easy place to sort discussions that could also be in chats but more organized here i guess4. Give 3 things about RR you'd like to see change. layout, more members that arent retarded, less focus on you ryan if im being honest you sorta make this site look like a fan forum for you when really its just everyone as a community. personally hate the name of the site and it seems over time less people have been referring to everyone as rr people because we're all just over it. you wiped out the forum and started over, maybe a full on rebrand is the way to go5. What would make you post more new topics? more activity really. i dont post a lot of topics anymore because they get 1 or 2 replies and it ends up being pointless