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  1. nobody can be bothered to go to any website since there’s group chats already
  2. you're such a great grandmother
  3. sheila you are so talented and pure
  4. pocket camp
  5. you must be in ryans but the more active one where the squad hangs out youre not in
  6. we got a discord tho if you wanna join
  7. welcome back fobe
  8. gotchu
  9. Bringing this shit back in honor of there being an actual drama group now. You know the drill.
  10. i won’t forget it either
  11. she made it better and you know it
  12. ok but what about the time kelley changed the layout
  13. I've been trying to be the mature one here and not start anymore shit than you've already started but I really do not appreciate when people play the victim card. Yes, there is drama sometimes in the group, but its very rarely at this point and I have no idea where you got "clicking on it everyday". And saying you don't speak of people badly, that's laughable. Nobody ever spoke poorly about you, but I've been hearing that you speak very poorly about me and my friends, even though we don't talk to you anymore. And that's the thing, we've tried to talk to you and work it out but you would like to keep the drama going I suppose. What token meant by hiding behind Ryan ad George was that people tried to work things out with it and instead you ignored them/blocked them. And then you proceed to shade people even when they are no longer in your lives. You don't want screenshots taken of you? Stop saying rude shit like: And don't use your anxiety as an excuse when you can without even batting an eye say you should tell someone you once considered a friend to jump off a bridge because you clearly have no regards to other peoples wellbeings and you don't know what I could possibly be going through. You're only trying to think of yourself and it's a shame because we've all been pretty nice to you and considered you a friend. It's unfortunate what has happened between everyone because I thought you were cool, but if these are your true colors, I'm thankful that you've shown them. Have a nice life and good luck with finishing school I truly wish the best for you and I hope you get your anxiety under control.
  14. So many are being called out that its inevitable that we'll all lose someone we like. Who would probably bother you the most? For me it would be Chris Pratt.
  15. sheila i’m sure i’m speaking for everyone when i say we’d love to have you in our discord server
  16. buy reputation on itunes

  17. is this right
  18. this doesnt answer any of my many questions either
  19. i have no fucking idea what a surreal meme is and the pictures dont really help
  20. yeah shes literally everyones favorite
  21. nobody could forget you kendra