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  1. Dayum. When this place first started up we all had a laugh about how short a time we expected it to last, you sure proved everyone wrong. Four years is one damn fine effort.
  2. Well... alrighty then.
  3. Onision's black and white thinking doesn't really lend itself to rational debating.
  4. Fair enough, but perhaps unrealistic to expect businesses to follow such advice. I think there's more individuals who stick to their word than you'd expect though.
  5. As far as Steam is concerned, Dragon Ball Xenoverse is my most played game at 228 hours, with Xenoverse 2 coming second at 225 hours. I've devoted more time than that to both games through modding, but I suppose that's not technically "playing". There's lots of games I've played frequently that aren't on Steam that I can't really say how much time I've spent playing. Likely a fair bit.
  6. Just dealing with younger siblings is trouble enough. Having the bulk of the responsibility of raising kids would be a nightmare for me. No thank, you.
  7. Fun singleplayer, first and foremost. I'm always up for multiplayer, but multiplayer exclusives are subject to to all sorts of issues. Don't like stories being slammed against my head; either make the story interactive (à la Mass Effect) or don't bother at all.
  8. I don't need this downpour of abuse on my official comeback to the forums. I ought to wreck your shit, you cheeky bastard.
  9. As much as people like that might make you want to punch them in the face, it's simply not okay to do so. For one it flies in the face of freedom of expression, it can trigger brawls or riots, and it only serves to hurt whatever case you may have.
  10. Well... it's something alright.
  11. What the fuck? Lol. Guess I ought to go join that strange sub-forum on Reddit.
  12. When I knew Onision he was a narcissistic loon, and a distasteful attention seeker. I'm sure he still is, but I have no interest in embarking on a holy crusade to expose his alleged shenanigans. I also have no interest in any of his videos these days.
  13. 'Sup. I'd have signed up sooner, but my brain went to shit and somehow I messed up the registration process. Undoubtedly not too many people here would be familiar with me; I haven't been all that active on this forum's past iteration and probably won't be too active here either, but you never know what'll happen.