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  1. it gets worse:
  2. It's difficult to vote for a party when all the ones on the right wing spectrum are authoritarian. I personally value the libertarian stance over authoritarian more so than any other stance on the spectrum. And with the conservatives being a primarily authoritarian party (and in recent times a very childish one given what I've seen on "prime minister question time" ), I can't say that I'm going to vote for them in the election. Which according to this test means my next bet is Liberal Democrats. I'll have to read into the different parties and their policies a bit more before I commit myself to voting for one, but it currently looks like it's Lib-Dem for me:
  3. Well, it's already been put through the review process and is now available directly from google. So it's all going swimmingly for now. Although I'm keeping an eye on the edit history to see how people react to it. So far so good though.
  4. Today I was bored, so I took the liberty of making a Wikipedia account and then an article:
  5. Not doing a lot at the moment, although I signed up to some active students thing which will hopefully help me get more motivated to do shit.
  6. A days worth of work right here XD
  7. Made another video. Tried to take into account some of the things that were brought up as improvements to the previous video. Things such as trying to structure the video better (instead of it bouncing all over the shop) and I avoided doing any kind of editing regarding pitch control to emulate another person's voice. Ended up doing weird voice acting, which was actually kind of fun! Again, constructive criticism is very welcome.
  8. How to solve the bathroom debate:
  9. Wonder whether it would be worth considering getting my camera from home when I go back at Easter. But I have found if I get myself worked up enough about a topic, I actually start to sound more genuine/enthusiastic and dare I say, less monotone. I recently went back through one of my older videos ("what is a 5th generation aircraft"), and for me it was a little bit of a slog to get through because of how boring and formal I sounded. It was like I was reading a column from the Daily Telegraph. To be honest I'm kind of tempted to delete that video and make a new one..
  10. On average, probably about twice a year. Although, it depends on how you define ill. If you include migraines, then that figure goes up by a lot. However, I have had a sickness bug twice this year, which is most unlike me.
  11. What kind of content do you prefer?
  12. Thank you for the advise. Yeah, I thought my videos were a bit all over the place in the sense I was trying to cover a large amount of stuff all at once, without going into specifics. So I kind of end up bouncing back and forth from one topic to another without any real concrete structure. But like you say, it might be something that gets better in practice. But, I'll definitely actively try to improve the structure in future videos.
  13. As for keeping my voice the same. That's why I add changes in pitch to represent another person, because I find my voice is very monotone an pretty much incapable of impersonating another person. But I'll give it a shot in my next video.
  14. Thank you, what would you advise I do for improvements? I would show myself, but my web cam is crap and I would have to cut the audio out from it and add the proper mic audio in. Which is probably easy to do, but I'm still getting used to editing some things.