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  1. I agree. One of the things I "learned" (it's common sense really, so I didn't so much learn it. More reinforced) in management was that people are a lot more effective at doing something when they're enthusiastic about it. It goes without saying, but it's wouldn't just get you a better deal, but perhaps a better deal in a faster time as well. One of the reasons the Netherlands has a 4 day working week as standard is because the productivity drastically increased, meaning it was more efficient for give workers a longer weekend. One of the things I've repeatedly noticed watching interviews with Theresa in is not only her lack of enthusiasm but also the lack of progress and how vague her stance is on it all. The whole process seems like a slog and it shouldn't be. We've had well over a year to figure out where we stand and what our options are, but up until recently we haven't learned a whole lot about what we're actually going to do. That said, she's clearing up after Dave, who basically got things off to a very very bad start. So with that in mind, she's doing okay given the situation, but I still see a lot of room for improvement.
  2. Not entirely sure why you class Thatcher and Reagan as "strong libertarians" on the poll, especially when the site you linked points out that she's clearly heavily authoritarian: Regardless, here are my results:
  3. Okay, thank you for your input!
  4. Been on and off working on a si-fi (ish) adventure story. Not sure if it's worth continuing to pursue and I'd really appreciate some feedback on any aspects of the story you do and don't like. The intro goes on a bit, but I think it'll become necessary if I decide to progress the story line. I actually made a cover a couple years back for it too: Mystica.pdf
  5. Came across one of those political quiz things. My results are a bit more left wing than I would like, but I suspect my choices on health care and education may have influenced that: https://8values.github.io/
  6. Found another one of those personality things: http://hexaco.org/hexaco-online My result(s):
  7. Matt Daaamen
  8. Yes. Yes you are.
  9. Yeah, that annoyed me a bit too. Some of the story lines lack context. However, they're supposed the release the final diagram once they've broken the record, which will be quite interesting because I've lost count of how many entries I've made. I actually managed to come across another one of my story lines. I like twisting the story line though. I think the examples I made show that quite well!
  10. It can actually be quite fun if you get the right inspiration and previous paragraph to go with it.
  11. Not entirely sure how I came across this, but it's quite amusing nonetheless. Basically, you're given a snippet of the story line (about Walter) from what the last person said, you then add onto it like this: Other examples of my fine continuations include (all signed with "Squirrel-37"): Would be interested to see what other people submit for their input (and also their usernames so I can lookout for them): https://worldslargestdiagram.com/
  12. 52% Fairly Compatible
  13. Anybody with a even a smidge of understanding of the ecosystem can understand why fox hunting is not only a terrible idea morally, but is also terrible from a scientific perspective. Have you read up on the wolves of Yellowstone and how killing them fucked up to ecosystem to the point where the land itself was unstable? Ecosystems form over hundreds if not thousands of years. And then someone comes along with a weapon that fires projectiles at mach 1+ and kills animals on mass for fun, only to then claim it's "natural". If you think the chase is better than the catch, then sharpen your spear instead and go by foot. You know what else is also natural? Actually making an effort to protect your livestock instead. My uncle (also used to work on a farm) used to own chickens and he used this amazing thing called an electric fence, he never had a problem once it was operational, equally, if you wanted to be 100% natural, you could build something called a wall. But wait, it gets better. You justify yourself after being proven wrong with "it's just my thought process". Yes, and Hitler's thought process was to kill 6 million Jews... Your way of thinking is literally comparable to Hitler's. How does that make you feel? Probably just as annoyed as the imaginary foxes that your killing.
  14. Good call.
  15. The bit in red is freakishly accurate. But yeah, this is pretty damn accurate: