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  1. One Piece's animation went to shit after the timeskip, it's tragic. educate me
  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUURGH!!!!!!! So, when I was little there was a Jurassic Park game where you were the park manager. Like Zoo Tycoon, only with dinosaurs and death. So when I get on the internet and see this, I'm happy. Are you happy? If not you should really think why that is and consider improving upon that...not in my thread though. Check out the announcement trailer. Operation Genesis was the game I play when I was little.
  3. Is Second Life that game where people cyber and pretend to be black women?
  4. It's Tekken, man. Tekken 7 is proof of that. Street Fighter fell off. Soul Calibur just can't get it right. Mortal Kombat is just getting worse. Injustice is fun, but it's not quite there yet. Let's not forget it's a NR fighter. Shouts out to Dead or Alive though, consistently great. They just put themselves in a weird corner because they've also focused heavily on making the game appeal to perverts.
  5. I main Lee, always.
  6. Sa'll about personal preference maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. I use both, but play different games on each.
  7. Gimme those memes Gimme those funky vids Gimme those new patches Gimme those rumours Gimme those opinions GIMME THOSE MAINS! My mains, Offensive: Tracer (slowly getting those hours with Sombra) Defensive: Mei/Junk/Tjorb Tank: Zarya/DV.A Support: Ana/Mercy
  8. Skaibloo/skyxblu
  9. DeCent
  10. 1. Killing people who we suspected to be witches was also a tradition, funny how we stopped doing that... 2. This point is irrelevant because you're not talking about fox hunting. 3. Irrelevant because it's still not about fox hunting. 4. Irrelevant again cause once again, not about fox hunting. 5. Hey...guess what? Irrelevant, not about fox hunting. 6. Foxes terrorise the countryside? Ah yes, a nocturnal, skittish animal is terrorising the poor towns people in Rams Bottom, oh no. Wait...they're not? So yeah, I don't even know what you're on about
  11. Sounds like you just got a free slave!
  12. to put your shitty laptop on?
  14. I feel it's easily the best Assassin's Creed game. It's got everything I want, interesting protagonist. Nice pacing story. Combat is great too. PIRATE SHIPS BAYBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Let's not forget the world is really nice to look at too
  15. Unless you're doing the squeezing and juicing with your own oranges, both concentrate and N-F concentrate will be as "fresh" as each other. Considering they'll be sitting on a shelf for days....
  16. Why never from concentrate?