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  1. awww you guys <3 . It's more Tristan that's the good person than me tbh. I was just like "are you sure we really want to do this?" As for his arm...he needs more surgery and a shitload of physical therapy but if he gets that I think he will get better.. it's just complicated in the US because of our healthcare system
  2. update: He lives at my house now. About a month ago he was homeless and he asked if an offer that Tristan made back when he got shot was still available. Tristan offered to give him a place to stay while he got clean since he had nowhere to go. I asked Tristan...Tristan said yeah. So... he was homeless...living on the street and had just gotten jumped so his gf got him a ticket to Denver and we picked him up at the airport. He was kinda bummed out for a couple of weeks.. ya know...new setting...only having one working arm...that kinda thing...but he's in good spirits now and clean ours apartment while we are at work and hangs out with our neighbors and their dogs. He may be getting a job as a flagger or, as I like to call it, a flaggot soon as that's one of the few jobs you can do with only one arm. He still has his second arm it's just severely fucked up. I'll try to get him to join and post pics because it's crazy looking. So...yeah. He's staying here for a month or two while his gf gets her ducks in a row and he is able to move to Washington. He's also clean btw which is good.
  3. In what may be the most redneck #murica story of all time... http://www.wisn.com/article/i-forgive-him-says-man-shot-by-father-while-injecting-heroin/8977957 Hes still alive so jokes are ok.