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  1. Hihihihi 😻
  2. I was hospitalized like a few weeks ago for a dumbass idiot suicide attempt because two kids and a controlling boyfriend were too much and I got too wasted. (I know some fucking parent I am, though I go out maybe once in a blue moon and go and get drunk with my best friend, I have terrible antisocial tendencies and should have listened to mmyself but what fucking ever) So, while I was there I went from a diagnosis of anxiety disorder to bipolar ii to borderline personality disorder to my final diagnosis of some disorder that only happens to people following huge life changes (it slips my mind on the name for it but regardless it's been two years since any major life changes). I feel like I'm needing to pay out my ass to be treated for whatever the fuck is wrong with me. I've been on every antidepressant out there until my last prescription of duloxetine (generic Cymbalta) which has actually helped. Is the mental health care this bad everywhere or just in the US?
  3. It me Megan Fuck it's been awhile, hi y'all!!! 😊
  4. Wtf is wrong with her? Lol doesn't she understand that the internet is forever