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  1. Off to look at giant arthropods and twitchy water monitors
  2. Haven't done one of these in a while, so here's two.
  3. I'm fairly certain I was hired into the twilight zone.

  4. Exactly what nox said. I used to refuse to sell cigarettes to pregnant women when I worked in a tobacco shop all the time. Hell, I refused business for much less. It essentially came down to this: If she wants to get her fix, she can get it elsewhere. That's her choice, and that's fine. But I won't have a part in it. I respect the choice of other businesses to do the same.
  5. Yeh, I suppose I'm pretty biased. I could listen to Chris Thile play for hours
  6. 8/10 So jammin'.
  7. Just to showcase my ridiculous hair growth over the course of the last year (a couple weeks short of a year, but whatever)
  8. Considerably simplified (and relatively butchered) preview of the new song I am starting to teach myself, interrupted at a good spot since I have yet to really grasp the solos: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0Gz1FzETCbC

  9. Yar, but I'm hoping to go deeper. Return to the ocean within, little drop!
  10. Mh. Pxc is my social personality, but there is a deep silence and emptiness behind that layer that keeps peeking through, which intrigues me to peek, too.
  11. I'm working on discovering who I am. also I started running and climbing endless Mario stairs at a gym as my sister's workout buddy.
  12. I have nothing to say.

    1. Oppi


      but that was something

    2. pxc


      To you, perhaps, but not to me.

    3. Oppi