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  1. Welcome to the club.
  2. I have only seen the first season but am excited to catch up. Saul was always one of my favorite characters in BB, one of the more realistic personalities in my opinion, and I kind of delight in watching him struggle his way to that point. I don't watch tv often, so it's really hard for me to keep on top of many of my shows unless I decide to buckle down and binge watch a couple of seasons. It especially doesn't help that the majority of my tv watching lies in nature and lifestyle documentaries, leaving little room for any of the dramas that I enjoy. Either way, though, I need to sit myself down and rewatch the first season so I can kind of keep on track through season 2 since it just came up on Gnatflax.
  3. sisters...
  4. I have an entire strip/lap dance routine that goes along to this album also I love this song so much
  5. Not good enough, m8. I require personal delivery up to and including opening it and pouring it directly down my gullet.
  6. All of my fish are dead. x.x

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      now you're just being ridiculous

  7. Kpax Absolutely in love with this movie. Help I think I have a problem. Don Hertzfeldt
  8. Jinx, you owe me a V8 fusion energy.
  9. Danger zone
  10. Golly, I'll say. Meet you there! Don't miss the terrifying afterparty.
  11. I prefer mine French Omlettified
  12. Yep. Just about. I may already be there, though.
  13. Going out to the backwoods in a bit to find a piece of land for my secluded cabin. aw yis.

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      Sounds like a horror movie. 
      Just make sure you're the monster

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      I'm always the monster.

  14. What Leon said. Having gone to a couple of anime conventions, I have to say that most people who dress up are not really sexualizing their characters more than they are portrayed in their respective shows/games. Except for sexy Skull Kid. That was a damn fine costume, and she rocked it.