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  1. Haven't done one of these in a while, so here's two.
  2. I'm fairly certain I was hired into the twilight zone.

  3. Exactly what nox said. I used to refuse to sell cigarettes to pregnant women when I worked in a tobacco shop all the time. Hell, I refused business for much less. It essentially came down to this: If she wants to get her fix, she can get it elsewhere. That's her choice, and that's fine. But I won't have a part in it. I respect the choice of other businesses to do the same.
  4. Yeh, I suppose I'm pretty biased. I could listen to Chris Thile play for hours
  5. 8/10 So jammin'.
  6. Just to showcase my ridiculous hair growth over the course of the last year (a couple weeks short of a year, but whatever)
  7. Considerably simplified (and relatively butchered) preview of the new song I am starting to teach myself, interrupted at a good spot since I have yet to really grasp the solos: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0Gz1FzETCbC

  8. Yar, but I'm hoping to go deeper. Return to the ocean within, little drop!
  9. Mh. Pxc is my social personality, but there is a deep silence and emptiness behind that layer that keeps peeking through, which intrigues me to peek, too.
  10. I'm working on discovering who I am. also I started running and climbing endless Mario stairs at a gym as my sister's workout buddy.
  11. I have nothing to say.

    1. Oppi


      but that was something

    2. pxc


      To you, perhaps, but not to me.

    3. Oppi
  12. Not much, probably, but it depends on what you mean by "nice", because there is a huge spectrum of possibilities. I mean, it would be great with no conflict, but with perfect peace comes a lack of action. One would think the great minds of the world undivided would create and advance technology much faster and better in all walks of life, and we would become a utopia, but I also think that progress requires friction. If we were all "nice" to one another, would there be critics to tell us when we've fucked something up? How would we grow? On the other hand, maybe it would be our "peak of humanity", so to speak. Once conflict is resolved, progress is no longer necessary, because where can we go from here? If we can live together right where we are without the desperate need to "become better" or "move forward", that may not be such a bad thing, but it's all very subjective.