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  1. He doesn't have a point, anybody who watches the news hears daily about this. There is no point to be made and it is two separate incidents. No one for starters expected this outside London, no other cities been hit, it is a huge shock. There is no cure for cancer there will be multiple cures for different cancers eventually but no blanket cure and if it could be found as easily as a few retweets it would be. He has no point to make here except to look edgy because it will get him attention. That's it, there's no underlying message.
  2. @ragreynolds I pretty much agree with you to a certain extent. A throw away comment does not equal hatred however, those prosecuted under hate speech are doing far worse then that, it's to the point that legal action is warranted. To an extent, I can understand it here someone trained their dog to do that and that's quite a joke to take that far, but even then I don't think it's meant in anyway but a joke and had it not been uploaded by his misus, we'd have never known. It honestly wouldn't have been brought up if it hadn't offended people, should he be sent to prison for offending people, of course not. I agree everyone should have free speech and no one should be censored, I just don't agree that you are free from the reprocusions of that. Every action has a reaction after all and that's why the law is there I guess, it's important to remember that the law is specifically there to protect you from on going harrasment and discrimination, you are not going to be put in prison for a comment, but repeated comments, towards the same individuals will certainly get you there and in that case I think it's fine as it is a barrage of abuse that's disrupting lives. You are not going to be sent to prison for some edgy comment or video off the internet, no one, especially the forces has time for that so unless it gained traction or has something to do with the Nazis you are probably safe. @His_Majesty_Jimmy_I I disagree Scotland are stricter, I just don't think it's something you hear about until it's taken to the court of a high profile is in trouble for it, you follow certain groups and channels and it'll be all you see, it's not exactly something the police force have time with and unless it's constant abuse not something they could really follow up on unless it gained traction through social media.
  3. This is true all over Britain. You have the freedom to speak as long as it does not discriminate against or insinuate hatred. Not only that but stuff like the laws hes being sent to prison for were put in place to stop the rise of nazi types ever happening again. this is why you cant wear political uniforms for instant and the likes of Britain first have been prosecuted. It's not to punish the good but to genuinely try and keep hate speech under control. However, an obvious joke is an obvious joke and shouldnt really go to prison for this and has nothing to do with the SNP. Just adding to yours Ryan because you'll respond with facts and continue this discussion instead of quoting people who will go "I don't care".
  4. You know absolutely nothing. You're so far up the Tories arse you're wearing may as a costume. The one point I'm going to argue as a farmer is that no animal gets taken by foxes if your boundaries are secure, properly fence your fields and ensure they're secure and you will not have a problem, the only people I've ever known to have problem with foxes are people that don't and they say things like "I can't afford that", but the loss of life is far more expensive to a farmer than anything else, that's your income you've thrown away. Foxes are cunning yes, but if you can't be bothered to do a basic task to protect your income then what ever happens is your fault, not the nature of the fox. To everything else, you clearly haven't looked at any other side then the Tories and you come off uneducated, ignorant and out of touch, otherwise you'd understand people protest the method of fox hunting which is barbaric over actual population control which is needed for animals like deer and mink. Funny though, part of English culture but you guys try and silenced others past and present.
  5. wait. ur NOT seeker
  6. Your accent? Geordie? I don't know, many southern accents were created by rich British people to distinguish themselves from the lower classes, the whole point is that they don't sound like any British accents I always thought. I can't really think of any in particular that hasn't already been covered considering Cherie posted that list, but I think most languages that don't have German roots are easy to learn if your first language isn't one of them. If your first language is English then theoretically you'd have a better chance speaking and learning German or Danish as they all come from similar roots but would struggle with a language like Welsh. All in the lips and movement of your mouth. Most languages developed from one or two places, as Molly pointed out Arabic and Hebrew, in my case Welsh and Cornish for instance. English is interesting though as it is of German descent but steals a lot from other languages which is why it's one of the hardest languages to learn especially if you speak something like Arabic as a first language. I know this isn't what you asked for but I find this genuinely interesting and thought I'd share what I know.
  7. Omg that's too good! Fanx baaaahryyy
  8. Ok hon, whatever helps you sleep at night.
  9. If you can't get a woman now, Katie Hopkins sure isn't gonna help with that.
  10. Nah see, I think Xbox out competes because they get them without the swash of Indy games.
  11. Exclusives dont mean quality. ps4 exclusives mainly come from the Japanese market and indy developers, which has meant that there is actually a saturation in shitty side scrollers not utilizing the ps4's capability. One of the reasons it is ludicrous for the ps4 to invest in 4k right now is that the only games that could handle it would actually be the ones xbox get as well and considering its money is not being made in those games that will be made to handle 4k, it's pretty pointless. Triple a game wise xbox out-compete, indy game wise ps4 out-competes, in that department it is what youre looking for in genre of gaming NOT who gets what. ONE MORE THING: You literally know nothing on either markets and you're just sat here being a pathetic child because you don't want to admit other people have preferences. Get. The. Fuck. Over. Yourself. It's just a console, it's just a bunch of data inside those consoles and it really does not matter to the extent you seem to think it matters. Preference always outweighs opinion as you keep proving with your persistence.