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  1. I agree with Cherie and Ryan. But mental illness is a long term thing and it is often a life thing, for many people what that mental illness is, is normality, just because you don't think its right because they're not sound of a healthy mind, doesn't mean they should have that decision taken or even made for them. Here's the thing, if someone's gonna try, they'll find a way to try and the repercussions if they survive can be more damaging then before if they don't see life as something to hold onto and they'll try again and it can become a lot worse for that person. Im not saying pass them the rope, but I am saying look at each case individually and provide the right mental health if possible or help them through their final wishes. We all know there's no easy healing to mental illness and even for things like depressions I never think you're truly cured. Many of these illnesses have been around far longer than they've been studied and many people suffer with them. It isnt fair to hold stigmas over these things to the point you can't get treatment then deny them the right to die. It certainly isn't your place to dictate them as a coward. Life isnt for all of us and one mans struggles is someone's everyday and if you can't understand that sometimes people cannot cope then maybe you shouldn't be speaking on this subject. Your worst day could be the toughest thing in the world but you shouldn't then put that on someone else just because you don't think their problems compare.
  2. King Arthur. It was fucking terrible and plot lines didn't meet up or even finish up. Guy Richie's worst film.
  3. OK so I watched it last night and I just wanna say that ed sheeran wasn't bad at all. As sweet as that scene was all the acting was subpar and i felt for a man with zero acting experience he did great and found him and his group to be enjoyable Trust me on this, he was and his scene far better than David Beckham's in king Arthur.
  4. It's worth paying more always when it comes to gaming pcs, I always feel they become outdated so quickly, you always have to keep up. I currently have an entry level gaming pc, moderate specs I'd say for moderate games, it can't handle this year's pc releases but it does alright with GTA and dark souls, I don't pc game so at worst I play sims and at best I use my brother's steam account and play his games but even then this pc that is supposed to handle all these games at moderate specs and blah blah blah, still doesn't compete with my work laptop that sadly blew itself out, it could handle everything. I'd honestly say if you're gonna go for a computer, go for a high spec pc but don't focus it on gaming specifically, you'll be out of pocket before you even have it. I prefer console, always have and always will so I'm probably biased here and this is the closest I've ever had to a gaming pc and I hate it, it's oldest component is 2 years old and I feel like I'm using a 10 year old computer, it's reduced me using my computer drastically infact.
  5. Wow, this is all new information ive never heard before! : D
  6. I haven't seen it but Edgar Wright can do no wrong.
  7. Good news for you both it got renewed today. Im just having the best time with this series. I will say however i am enjoying the drug side of it, not to give away any spoilers, far more than i am sauls side. Tbh with you though that every story happening is pretty strong and in some way you feel for every character and i just love it GIMME DAT MUTUAL RESPECT RELATIONSHIP IN ALL TV SHOWS FROM NOW ON AND I DEMAND MORE NACHO. The fact they haven't made a tv show just for Nacho is upsetting to me.
  8. Im always working on being my best self.
  9. I assume this was to me, Just because you're the customer and I'm the staff, doesn't mean you get to belittle and disrespect me, I am not a shop I am in the tourism/education sector so if you are coming to me then I and everyone around you expect to be treated with respect, just because you know everything doesn't mean you're helping those trying to learn by talking over me or my staff until assistance of the opposite gender come along and talk with the group where you shut up, infact, I will already receive complaints about that behavior from the group around you. Business people wise, I don't know many left leaning men in business and it shows as they are often disrespectful to me and we've lost grants because of his penis. Everybody should always strive to be talked too with respect and treated on an equal level whether you're a CEO an intern or a customer or even a potential investor. That's just the way I feel. I agree, I also find that woman who want to be in these industries will train to their hardest for the standards needed.
  10. As I was gonna say to Ryan but couldn't be bothered for an essay of a response. It was more of a dig at the right leaning who dismisses a viewpoint and mocks it because feminism. More of a dig than a political fact.
  11. You mean like people do with feminism? Personally, i think all rights activism is important. The only people i ever see dismiss it are either trying to impress people or complain about having more or less rights and not actually do anything about it except whine. Whether they become obsolete doesn't really matter as i feel that having people who are ready to fight for your rights is hugely important and stops complacency, especially for men who can still be raped and face huge injustices through social and law interactions. Saying that however, no matter how many rights people have, in my circles what people are fighting for is mostly social equality, not law equality, law equality is applied for all and unless youre going to fight for law changes, don't expect them to happen with ease, you need to petition, check weekly on gov websites for law changes and this weeks agenda and give yourself real presence. Personally, I know i am going to get slack for this, but how we are treated socially is a huge issue, I am in a business partnership with my boyfriend and face daily struggles with just the way I am treated, but actually so does he and when discussed outside our peer groups, we get told by the opposite genders that this is a none issue and it is no big deal how you're talked to and treated, but actually that is a huge social issue when it comes to me telling women how i am treated and him telling men. The way i see it, is as long as there are still people who can stop me from excelling because of my gender, partnership and their idea of who i am because of those two things and he the same then I still need people to go "that's not okay". What needs to happen and i feel it is happening more and more is people will reach a point where they will abandon feminism and MRM and take on the title of egalitarian and only the real die hards will hold onto those labels. Saying that however, in my circles (please dont quote me and then go but in MY circles, because thats anecdotal to you and this to me and doesn't make yours anymore right than mine) feminists aren't just fighting for rights for women, they are fighting for that social equality for everyone and genuinely do want men and women to be treated equally by the law, but in the same breath so are MRA's. I guess though, depending on your political and moral circles MRM and Feminism will differ greatly.
  12. Actually,I feel social networks need to remind people they are businesses more often. Unpopular opinion ahead. Depending on the political stance the way the companies deal with things can be quite bias. The only time I see someone right leaning get banned is when a fuss is made but in my circles I've seen people banned for less who are left leaning. If social networks are going to do take this type of stance, then they need to be clearer that they're a business and what they say goes while using their business and if you don't like it move on to something new. I realise this can be quite dictator like but people like to think freedom of speech should extend to social networks and the way I see it is if you are being a dickhead you get removed, like you would any other business, because you are not free from the consequences of your words and actions. For that reason if social networks are going to continue to ban people for opinions that don't fit, they need to make it clearer that first and foremost they are a business and second they're a social network and let people decide if this is the site they want to join.
  14. Is this a tory trait? Avoiding the subject at all costs?
  15. SHIVERS.