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  1. Hope you had a really good christmas Sheila! and i hope you have the best 2018 that any of us could possibly have!
  2. Breath of the wild
  3. It's time to believe it Ryan!
  4. In regards to RR, I've been here too long but I'll genuinely be sad to see it go, but I'd much prefer that the right decision is made in regards to what you want Ryan and that is far better than keeping something you don't feel fully committed to going! My fave memory was and probably always will be when Dirk took over Kelley's account and while not exclusive to rr, got all men demodded on onisions forum using my comment from rr! Good fucking times.
  5. It's funny that our discord keeps coming back to being the drama group, there's been no drama since you and George left and the only drama that has happened since the first time you left vii, was a completely unrelated issue that doesn't need to be brought up here, until Ryan's group and then we had a talk, a little bitch sure but then so did the group you were in. Unless you're apart of the drama then you won't be involved unless you get involved, same with the bitching. Everyone has issues, but no one's used them as a reason for their behaviour and I swear that you are seeing what you want to justify it. If you think we are toxic then you should look at yourself for some self reflection because your behaviour towards people trying to make amends even going so far to tell someone they need to speak to you first, SERIOUSLY telling someone to jump off of a bridge is toxicity at its best, if you think you're the victim that's fine but I hope one day you'll look back and see that you're not, never were and you never will be because you're ridiculously strong and you take no shit. This will be the last response to the drama that is about to happen from me so don't reply to this expecting anything. Our group isn't toxic, Bry and token are not toxic and maybe some people have toxic tendencies but there are really good, honest and lovely people that don't deserve that word branded on them. I hope that everyone genuinely has the best possible life they can possibly lead and I really wish everyone the absolute best.
  6. yo, it was always gonna get cancelled, its just it has been released now because it makes netflix look like the good guys.
  7. My new fave marvel film but the director is my fave director so maybe im biased FUCKING RUDE KARL URBANS CHARACTER WAS CALLED SKURGE, YOU CRETIN.
  8. Sorry, I forgot that it's incredibly difficult to be a parent and talk to the school about this day? You clearly do care anyways because you don't want your kids involved in your fake scenario because you want ask the school what this day is about. Missed my point Molly, be a parent and find out about this day instead of assuming and getting outraged. Then come back and tell us and then get outraged. I don't disagree, I just also don't care because there are bigger scourges on society.
  9. What the fuck is wrong with you and everyone involved.
  10. Do you hear yourself. Why on earth would it be about accepting illegals and even if it is, you ever think it's just about teaching kids with intolerable, racist parents to just treat other people with some respect. Keep your kids off school if you don't like it, or better yet ask the school what this is about? Don't make assumptions that could be detrimental to how you are seen in society and approach the school and ask what this will fully be about! Don't make assumptions that could be detrimental to your kids infact. Just ask. You're the parent. You're literally pulling shit out of your arse to be angry about because you won't ask the school or keep your kids off school for the day, don't give me any bullshit that you already did because you would've posted it.
  11. Oh honey, we dont talk about base game sims. We all know that sims is only good because of its creators. Same with second life.
  12. I am further left than before. Mostly just found myself disagreeing or strongly disagreeing. Felt a little americancentric again.
  13. tbh with you, if youre going back to the recent topics at the front, then is their a point in clubs other then for the nsfw section? I like the clubs, theyre very clean and easy to use, but the organization is a bit messy with them, it's very hard, at least i find, on mobile to find threads because i just get all the threads that have been commented on recently, which doesn't really leave room for much else.
  14. I forgot about this thread. Businesses do have the right to refuse, that has never, ever been brought into question at all but unless youre actively gonna start making women do a pregnancy test, and you can't and even if you could some contraceptives will give a false positive, so again, you can't, to buy booze, you cannot tell if a women is pregnant or not just from a look over the counter. The only way to regulate it is by bringing in laws, at which point, you may aswell bring in laws to stop people buying enough booze to drive over the legal limit. There is no end in sight with that type of legislation but there is no other way that you can actually stop selling alcohol to pregnant women. ANY business can refuse service to ANYONE, that has never been disputed at all, a business absolutely can refuse service to a women they think is pregnant. Businesses should not be treated like political entities when we start telling them and giving them powers on who and what to sell, we lose our ability of choice. They are there to make money and the people who run them can decide who and what to sell to the general public, but you shouldn't want to place power into entities like this because they will just do what they can to make money, that means siding with political views that will make them money, but the realism of it is they should really remain neutral... That's what they are created for, to provide and sell, not become a political minefield. So unless you want something to be brought in, what is the point of this thread because businesses already do have the rights that you said, a person behind the til can do what you said... Just expect outrage from the general public for doing so and you, as a person, employee, stand by your morals when it hits the media. I don't ever believe in handing powers over to big businesses because they won't have majority of the population in mind.