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  1. Y'all are one step closer to waiting another year for this if you watch it.
  2. I didnt really enjoy it, it just felt messy in places and misguided, I still watched it all and it did get better but it was a hard old slog to get through. I also found it odd that the main guy actually doesn't have a lot of fighting experience and it showed, compared to the rest of the cast who have more experience, the iron fist was sluggish, slow and hard to watch when it came to his fight scenes and I wonder if the choice a gots actor because hype over someone who cab act and fight, I also found the story to be just awful. It had its fantastic moments with some of the fight scenes , but I dunno it got boring quick. I have nothing bad to say towards the acting choices past up there, but I just found it sooo difficult to get through, I just think that it was subpar to what's already been produced. Also, everyone knows the order the shows go by in date, is the order they go by in excellence.
  3. So I think that we all probably grew up where the internet was just getting its jets going, when I was in school 8 years ago they would often tell us they can't do anything about online bullying unless it was brought onto school grounds and even then what can you do past banning websites or excluding a pupil it'll still continue. But that was at least what they said when I was 16 and online bullying wasn't a thing. Personally, I think the internet is probably one of the easiest places to get away from it and if it continues in school and you're being bullied in school the schools can then sort it out if they aren't incompetent, but that all depends on if they stop their online campaign. I know high school is different and having recently reconnected with my fathers brother and his family on a more personal level, I've seen some horrible things posted about my 16 year old cousin, I've seen people post other girls rape cases online all because they didn't believe their friend could do it for their friend to be found guilty and watched the hate, which couldn't be escaped because it seeped into her real life, my cousin got harassed non stop and her life threatened, all because she blocked a boy who couldn't take no for an answer, I've watched their mothers make them both apologise online because their behaviour was disgraceful. I think though that's the fine line between aging into an adult, where you don't really care about what you're doing and you'll make mistakes regarding other people but you will regret what you did. When you're a teen dealing with both social and online all in one it can get toxic very quickly and the only thing that you can do is remove and block and hope they give up. All in all, it is just bullying verging on harassment on this level and when you are in school I think that there needs to be a level of online safety the schools are taking with you to protect you, at least in school hours and if it is a police case being exposed that's still being undertaken then they should do more to protect both sides in these cases too. If you're an adult still undertaking these activities, that's a whole heap of why haven't you grown up? Theres a difference between a joke and a barrage of abuse and it is sad to see that you're in your 20s for instance and you still haven't realised you're behaving like a 14 year old and if your behaviour and you are ever found out, you could lose a lot more than your anonymity online. If you're an adult who thinks you're suffering from cyber bullying, its your job to learn that you are in control of the way people act towards you, you can block them, remove them as your friends, you can erase these people and if it continues into ongoing harassment then get the police involved, but a joke you don't like isnt bullying, an argument that didn't go your way isnt bullying, how people act towards you isnt bullying and how people change towards you isnt bullying and that's your job to assess and decide what you can and cannot cope with. As an adult, I definitely feel like theres no excuse to bully or be bullied online, I feel there is only harassment, but as a teen in school, I do think its harder to avoid and fix.
  4. Not come around, I still think Tories are self obsessed and disconnected despite what they support or don't support, I just support strong people who don't quake at their principles being questioned and I feel as politicians are for the people, she actually some what represents that.
  5. She is the ONLY Tory mp I support, actually caring about the future past London and how it benefits us all and she's what all the parties need, a fresh faced non Londoner who believes in equality for all and is scrappy enough to fight what she believes in, not just those living in and around one city.
  6. a woyote obviously
  7. A woyote!!!!!
  8. no, a Woyote
  9. Woyote
  10. Of course it makes a lot of sense but making the title "ai uses shortened English that looks like gibberish to communicate more efficiently" isnt gonna get those clicks.
  11. I don't agree, sure the threat is there but it's there if you're obese aswell, while your organs could shut down, they can if you're too big aswell, you both could have heart attacks at any moment because of how hard it is working, if you're obese you're far more likely to end up with an undiagnosed issue that puts you in immediate danger aswell. Again, I think there's a certain stigma on underweightness that is not there if you are bigger, but you could be in just as much danger.
  12. I think they're both equally bad, both have serious health issues that are hugely detrimental and life risking at either end of the scale and both produce life long issues both aesthetically, physically and mentally. We only look at being underweight as more of a detrimental because people associate that with illness, but the truth is that you can be anorexic at 250lbs and you could eat 4000kcals a day and not be able to gain it. I think both issues need to be looked at based on the individual
  13. I didn't know where to put this, but this seems as good of a place as any. Gimme a vague yet descriptive headline on something that's happening in the world! Cause why the fuck not! Trust me it's easy! Some Asian country fired some bombs, could be nukes, could destroy Florida, trump is disappointed is China!
  14. OK ive just reread this thread and I'm not here for you guys to hate on the hound! He's clearly of some importance because he can read the fire, see what the flames are saying and the events he foretold scared that dead guy. From my understanding, he's never seen in the books again after his fight with Brienne, so they're working with a fan fave because we obviously wanted him back and all they've been doing is trying to redeem his past cause we know he's not a bad guy, yes he's a killer but he was never a bad guy and I really like his evolution as a character. He could swear less sure, but I think its showing his only vulnerability, which is lack of emotional control because he's always angry and moody and he cannot hide his pain well past this sweary snarky front. I've not seen the 3rd episode yet, but I do enjoy that we have a character who yes, comes from a lords house, but is not royalty, his behaviour is a far cry from the nobility and grace of the others, even at their lowest, they knew where they belonged where as the hound is none of that and he's the only character we really experience who is just trying to survive as a normal person, he has no sense of purpose, it is just trying to survive if that makes sense. Also im glad we got rid of the sand snakes, even if there's one left, the entire dorne storyline and their evolvement in story was blaaaand.
  15. 1. What are your main reasons for using RR? Last forum i really use. 2. What would make you use RR more? Giving me more hours in the day. Generally though, more threads to do with politics, films and gaming that will garner attention. 3. Give 3 things that you think RR is great for. Politics, film and TV, gaming 4. Give 3 things about RR you'd like to see change. I cant really think of anything past more members, everything else is user usage. 5. What would make you post more new topics? more people getting involved and time on my part really. I think you're right, everyone is incredibly busy or doing their own thing where rr just doesn't fit in, our group can be incredibly cliquey, which can put members off. From my experience trying to get more people to join, it can genuinely be tough no matter who you know or what you do. we tried on ionic, staff members were made but ultimately no matter how much time and effort was put in, the active members weren't active enough to keep new members around. the biggest contributers weren't there. Because we also found that forums and sites relating to ionic had members on it ionic was trying to avoid. That was the two biggest issues really and i think neither were that big but they ended up being costly because people couldn't commit the time but then also didn't want trouble being brewed from finding new members. Thats how i felt anyway about it. Forgot to add, I don't think these would be an issue for RR though.
  16. I agree with Cherie and Ryan. But mental illness is a long term thing and it is often a life thing, for many people what that mental illness is, is normality, just because you don't think its right because they're not sound of a healthy mind, doesn't mean they should have that decision taken or even made for them. Here's the thing, if someone's gonna try, they'll find a way to try and the repercussions if they survive can be more damaging then before if they don't see life as something to hold onto and they'll try again and it can become a lot worse for that person. Im not saying pass them the rope, but I am saying look at each case individually and provide the right mental health if possible or help them through their final wishes. We all know there's no easy healing to mental illness and even for things like depressions I never think you're truly cured. Many of these illnesses have been around far longer than they've been studied and many people suffer with them. It isnt fair to hold stigmas over these things to the point you can't get treatment then deny them the right to die. It certainly isn't your place to dictate them as a coward. Life isnt for all of us and one mans struggles is someone's everyday and if you can't understand that sometimes people cannot cope then maybe you shouldn't be speaking on this subject. Your worst day could be the toughest thing in the world but you shouldn't then put that on someone else just because you don't think their problems compare.
  17. King Arthur. It was fucking terrible and plot lines didn't meet up or even finish up. Guy Richie's worst film.
  18. OK so I watched it last night and I just wanna say that ed sheeran wasn't bad at all. As sweet as that scene was all the acting was subpar and i felt for a man with zero acting experience he did great and found him and his group to be enjoyable Trust me on this, he was and his scene far better than David Beckham's in king Arthur.
  19. It's worth paying more always when it comes to gaming pcs, I always feel they become outdated so quickly, you always have to keep up. I currently have an entry level gaming pc, moderate specs I'd say for moderate games, it can't handle this year's pc releases but it does alright with GTA and dark souls, I don't pc game so at worst I play sims and at best I use my brother's steam account and play his games but even then this pc that is supposed to handle all these games at moderate specs and blah blah blah, still doesn't compete with my work laptop that sadly blew itself out, it could handle everything. I'd honestly say if you're gonna go for a computer, go for a high spec pc but don't focus it on gaming specifically, you'll be out of pocket before you even have it. I prefer console, always have and always will so I'm probably biased here and this is the closest I've ever had to a gaming pc and I hate it, it's oldest component is 2 years old and I feel like I'm using a 10 year old computer, it's reduced me using my computer drastically infact.
  20. Wow, this is all new information ive never heard before! : D
  21. I haven't seen it but Edgar Wright can do no wrong.
  22. Good news for you both it got renewed today. Im just having the best time with this series. I will say however i am enjoying the drug side of it, not to give away any spoilers, far more than i am sauls side. Tbh with you though that every story happening is pretty strong and in some way you feel for every character and i just love it GIMME DAT MUTUAL RESPECT RELATIONSHIP IN ALL TV SHOWS FROM NOW ON AND I DEMAND MORE NACHO. The fact they haven't made a tv show just for Nacho is upsetting to me.
  23. Im always working on being my best self.
  24. I assume this was to me, Just because you're the customer and I'm the staff, doesn't mean you get to belittle and disrespect me, I am not a shop I am in the tourism/education sector so if you are coming to me then I and everyone around you expect to be treated with respect, just because you know everything doesn't mean you're helping those trying to learn by talking over me or my staff until assistance of the opposite gender come along and talk with the group where you shut up, infact, I will already receive complaints about that behavior from the group around you. Business people wise, I don't know many left leaning men in business and it shows as they are often disrespectful to me and we've lost grants because of his penis. Everybody should always strive to be talked too with respect and treated on an equal level whether you're a CEO an intern or a customer or even a potential investor. That's just the way I feel. I agree, I also find that woman who want to be in these industries will train to their hardest for the standards needed.
  25. As I was gonna say to Ryan but couldn't be bothered for an essay of a response. It was more of a dig at the right leaning who dismisses a viewpoint and mocks it because feminism. More of a dig than a political fact.