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  1. Finally have my laptop at tech school so should be easier to hop on here and there. My inactivity won't be quite as prominent henceforth.
  2. Finally done with BMT as of Friday. I'm now at my new home, keesler afb, bolexi, Mississippi for the next 8 months during weather tech school. I don't have my computer yet but should soon. Love you guys!

    1. Sappho


      stranger danger

  3. Getting put in a hotel tomorrow night and then Tuesday I'll be flown out to San Antonio for BMT. Peace out bitchessss <3

  4. You're just after the military benefits. My mom warned me about women like you.
  5. A Serbian Film
  6. I've been out of the closet about being heterosexual since birth. Feels good to not hide it.
  8. 1 week from now I will be off at basic training for USAF. The nerves are exponentially growing but I'm driven by the desire to fall in love with this career.

    1. The_Right_Honourable_Jimmy
    2. Justin13


      Thank you, sir! Don't miss me too much while I'm gone 😊

  9. Why couldn't it have been you?
  10. Won't come out until Friday here.
  11. Came here for the dancing. Did not leave disappointed.
  12. Got fried at the beach today. Having trouble sleeping because of it. Ahhhh. Also, lots and lots of anxious/stress nightmares about basic. Logically I know I'll be fine. Emotionally I'm stressed about the drastic change of lifestyle. Good night folks.

    1. Tangytang


      u will be fine. just don't be that guy and don't give it your all cuz they will take it and more.

    2. Justin13


      Thanks bud, I just can't wait to be done and through with it.

  13. I am NOT looking forward to retirement lol...haven't worked since March 26th and I'm starting to lose my mind with the boredom. Don't leave for basic until May 16th and I'm running out of things to do. I need to start working out more again because I got lazy but jesus christ I'm losin my mind ahhhhhh

    1. SkyBlu


      I get that, haven't worked for just over a month. Luckily I've still got uni work to do to keep me occupied. 
      Come next week though...terms finished :rainbowsuicide:

    2. Justin13


      I just keep trying new cheap video games and watching movies to keep myself occupied. Thankfully my friend is off work by 6 every day so I have a few hours to hang with him before he goes to bed but ughh. I'm so ready to be in basic lol

  14. To start: I believe that "life" is just the mechanisms of a brain being supported by the "wiring" of a body. In short, if the brain is active, you are alive. Therefore, "you" are "the brain" and your body is just a vessel. That being said, I think a brain transplant would never be well received by the public. The immediate issues I foresee are: -Religious beliefs -Who gets to partake in such an extremely rare instance? The rich? The intellectuals so smart we can't afford to lose them (thinking Hawking here)? Everyone? -Morality: just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you should. People would find a way to abuse this power to become "immortal". The rich and corrupt may fight to have "body donors" and who knows what that could lead to. Remove human emotion, I see this as a valuable way to prolong the lives of those who are key assets to research and development in fields that will advance the human race. But as it stands, the negativity that would surround this would far outweigh any minute positives that would come of it.
  15. Although I'm not offended, I think her point is that you're making a vast assumption and generalizing a demographic with no factual data to support the claim. If I were to pitch in, I know more fat guys that admit they're fat and think it's funny than women who would ever admit to such a thing. Maybe another difference from US to Great Britain?
  16. After tech school I'll build a desktop
  17. My accuracy on PC is pretty awesome. I can only play PC overwatch at my friend's house though because my laptop doesn't have the specs for it. I use McCree or Genji mostly on PC. I mainly play Overwatch on Xbox. Mei is my best but she's really only viable on King of the Hill maps, and even then she's not really "meta". I usually try to carry games with Reinhardt, Roadhog, or Soldier: 76. If I MUST heal I run Ana because her heal denial is op and the sleep is crazy effective for stopping major ults (Pharah, Reaper, Soldier: 76, etc).
  18. Trance does the mojo good
  19. Watched Gladiator yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  20. I don't think it was meant to be scary. I could be wrong but to me it was just a movie offering insight to Dissociative Identity Disorder (which I don't believe exists but that's another subject) whilst maintaining the typical Shyamalan plot twist/supernatural-esque elements.
  21. Split. Solid performance but I didn't really enjoy the ending. And to those who've seen it, I did understand the ending, I just didn't like it. Most people's first reaction to me saying I didn't like it has been "Oh, you must not of understood it" NAH NIGGA I GOT IT I JUST DON'T LIKE IT
  22. Don't worry, I don't care enough to hold any kind of "grudges" or the like around here. You'll like me at times and hate me others; mostly the latter
  23. Although the US is "in debt" to China, the numbers are kind of misleading, because China depends on the US for it's economy to remain in tact as well. Money is so deceiving. I'm not very good at economics, and won't pretend to be, but I remember a professor talking about this for a few days and I'm going to assume he knew what he was talking about having a PhD and what not...but I guess that could still be wrong. Regardless, I think we're safe from China <3
  24. I still wouldn't be concerned with N. Korea. That shit has also been going on since the Cold War. I mean they just had a missile failure during one of their "displays of power". The country is a joke, military included.