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  1. How was 2017 for y'all? What do you think the next year will bring?
  2. Where did those topics go? I want to read them again.
  3. It's been a journey really. I remember being on the original Onision forums back in 2011. Life was shitty back in '11 and I found comfort in Onision Speaks videos. At the time, his "advice" felt like a decent surrogate to shitty parenting. Boy was that wrong. I worked my way up to being a moderator while I was there; I felt like it was one of the few ways I could really contribute to a community. This was half-true. Mods were just a bandage when the forum's true problem, its owner, reared his ugly head. I think Ryan would have been a mirror in this weird metaphor. Onision's garbage had been around for a while, but Ryan got me to really look at the forum's ugly side. Ridiculous censorship rules, a dogmatic owner... My removal as mod for being "male" was the last nail in the coffin for me. ("Male" was another word for "he made me feel butthurt"- you'd think for being such a popular youtuber, "Bananafaglord" shouldn't mean a thing.) I think my first real encounter with @ragreynolds was when I first asked him wtf he was up to. I didn't get an answer immediately (who would really respond to an OFO mod's questioning?). The answer came with the creation of RR. The details get fuzzy around that point. I remember getting my moderation position back only to leave it for RR. Good riddance. Details get fuzzy around then. I tend to remember things I wish I had done differently most of all. For example, I wish I was a better admin to RR when I had the chance. I'm certainly no suicide bomber but I could have done better than I had. I'm glad I was able to help out when I was there. I wish I talked to a lot of you more often. Besides RR, life was a certain kind of hell for me. I was stuck with abusive and neglectful parents for most of my time here, and I'm still learning about how much it fucked me up. It made me isolate myself, become arbitrarily critical, and I feel that I alienated a lot of you with it. This forum was an eye-opener in a few ways for me. It was one of the many factors that drove me towards getting some psychological help. RR helped me realize I had some problems and I'm thankful for it. In a way, RR gave me more support than my family ever could have. Maybe some of you have felt the same? I've been busy, besides that junk. I'm a semester away from graduating with three associates degrees, two away from a bachelor's. It seems like RR will be gone before either happens, though. I'm happy to have been here in the first place.
  4. Nice title card
  5. 4/5 stars. Excellent coaster; its cover sometimes sticks to condensation.
  6. My house wasn't burned down.

  7. The city I'm in is on fire. I may have to evacuate. If y'all don't hear from me, good luck.

    1. bryanna


      shouldnt we be the ones saying good luck?

    2. Nox
  8. Ryan Reynolds.
  9. Looks like the queen is back. Long live the queen!
  10. I'd love a sci-fi themed ASMR video, Ryan <3

  11. Realistically speaking, business owners have a right to refuse service to anyone. We can't make them serve us. They could legally deny me from buying alcohol for any reason including pregnancy.
  12. Would you be willing to pour beer down an infant's throat? Would you be willing to give a beer to someone who you knew was going to feed it to a baby? Why is it different if the baby hasn't been born yet? I think it goes without saying that businesses should have the right to refuse service to anyone. This would extend to pregnant women, I imagine.
  13. I think the op died.
  14. Bananafaglord is still relevant?
  15. He should never make another forum.