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  1. related old article https://creators.vice.com/en_us/article/48-hours-in-vr
  2. doesn't entirely answer the question, but I've been supporting the letsplayers I watch via twitch and even using twitch's donation service at times. also I think these will eventually become the mainstream over youtube in terms of the majority of youtube's currently trending 'nitches' of entertainment: 1) platforms better suited for livestream 2) more social media sites will copy what vine did 3) Twitter? (this is vague but they bought vine) But honestly, youtube's become a monopoly that profits off of way too attractive people in their 20's with rich lifestyles and a ton of friends who own expensive cameras because there is a gigantic market of people who want to be attractive people in their 20's with rich lifestyles and a ton of friends who own expensive cameras.
  3. I don't play overwatch but I love junkrat??? help?????
  4. all the new gorillaz on repeat all the time
  5. Read through all of these but decided I'm going to stay in the US. It's just financially easier and feels more stable. I never really knew Erica while she was on the last couple of forums. My Romanian grandparents hate gypsies. That's all I can say to this in response lmao
  6. Sad reacts only :'(
  7. I was recently offered an animation job in Ireland that would start in July, but I'm still very much on the fence about it. I've never been to Ireland, it looks pretty but I have no clue what living there is normally like. If anyone's been there in person I need a list of pros and cons of living and being there for reference haha. Its not the first time I'd be moving to a new country ( I moved to the US from South Africa with my fam when I was 8), and I already know getting a visa wouldn't be hard cause I'm white.
  8. I'm not just pro choice I'm %200 percent pro abortion, let's end humanity's shitty existence 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
  9. pasta, literally. It's all I can afford haha
  10. I had a dream recently that one of my close friends here at school died and we had a funeral for him in the front yard of my parents' house back in LA and for some reason there were two tombstones instead of one and they had no names, just dog heads engraved into them.
  11. Flawed characters as well as any character with strong desires, problems and/or goals are the best characters. The point of a main character is to follow their journey and watch them grow in a sense while seeing the world building through their senses. I think some great examples of strong characters and uncovering character development are films like Silence of the Lambs and Psycho. I feel like when people see characters make mistakes in movies and TV nowadays they're too offended by it. I disagree with your 5th and 6th points Nox. Character development comes from interaction with other characters or with the world built around them, also their character description based on looks alone can say a lot when they're first introduced (ie how they are dressed or their overall posture).
  12. this kind of trash is why this douchbag is still making money on youtube
  13. I fell depressed again and so I'm back again how's everyone doing