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  1. It's ridiculous if you think about it. The guy was going to sue McDonald's until they made a deal, and he ended up getting a year supplies of McDonald's. 😂 But... He's loosing weight.
  2. When your girlfriend makes tacos and makes it into a heart. The little things she does, I appreciate it. ♡FB_IMG_1492539762096.jpg.60ae045d0dca8524679f5b0e7fad6e76.jpg

  3. Fine. I'll send it in the mail, somehow.
  4. Isn't it? I would sue McDonald's for making me fat. 😂
  5. I just came across this article and couldn't help but laugh. This man tries to sue McDonald's, for making him fat. Is it possible to sue a fast food restaurant over that? I think so. There was a settlement. | Man Sues McDonald's This is quite ridiculous and ridiculously hilarious! McDonald's is known for their greasy foods like hamburgers and french fries. McDonald's added healthy foods to their menus. That's not all... “He abandoned a fight that he could have won. He says this food is killing him, yet he accepts a lifetime supply of it… This is one of the most ridiculous settlements that I have ever seen.” I think so too. What are your opinions?
  6. "Hate" is a pretty big and hateful word. I can't exactly 'hate' someone -- It's more of I dislike. Like I'll like you at times then dislike you, because, it's the internet. I don't take shit seriously. I'll laugh then go on with my life. Because I know trolls are on the internet it's life.
  7. Split was a bit confusing in the ending, I understood it. It isn't really all that scary.
  8. Ant-Man
  9. https://youtu.be/mtiuNlxT804 ^ Don't ask. I looked up something random and found this. Seemed good so, I posted it. I'm listening to it even, it's pretty. I know a little Japanese.
  10. Good luck! I'm a vegetarian I stay away from meats. I used to eat meat until I was like 13-14 I switched to being vegetarian. Healthy life style. I'm as well a picky eater, it was a right choice. Anyway! It was tough not able to eat meat and I craved it but I kept telling myself "No. You're doing good. Stay away from meats, eat veggies and fruit." The blood from meats that's being cooked like medium-rare disgusted me. D: You're doing good so far! I've been meat free for 4-5 years now. I won't eat chicken or fish. ;o
  11. My older brother, Mark is (20) I'm the middle child (18) and my little sister, Kayla is (12).
  12. These voices won't leave me alone...

  13. Oh yeah you said something about it above. That sucks!
  14. True fact. ^
  15. What happened?