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  1. Shemar Moore. My fiance is making fun of me because I told him I don't really get celebrity crushes then recently got reminded that Shemar Moore exists.
  2. You say that a lot. As if you think we're all drug addicts and it's surprising we haven't ODed.
  3. My older brother has a different biological father, but is nowhere near a half-brother. I have two younger sisters. And it's this strange thing where my brother is 7/8 years older then there are 30 months after me for sister 1 and another 30 for sister 2. So I am not the oldest but damn do I feel like it sometimes.
  4. I don't like the idea of giving the government the power to choose who lives and who dies...
  5. This is just after it got done last year. First tattoo, so far my only but that'll change eventually.
  6. For some people, humor allows the mind to think about and accept tragedy. You can't accept things that you can't think about.
  7. My guy loves this video for the ridiculousness. I still can't wrap my head around it though...
  8. I hear about cancer constantly. Talk about cancer is bloody non-stop, especially in October. Saying nobody cares about cancer is idiotic.
  9. He needs to do more than STFU...
  10. So he gets turned into an example by the teacher. I mean, socialism is juvenile. It's misguided but thinks it has the answer. The heart of true socialism is that resources should go where there is the most need. As opposed to market systems that attempt to allocate resources where they provide the most benefit.
  11. I forgot the languages of the Yugoslav states. Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, etc.
  12. Sounds like Scotland decided to turn its court system into a kindergarten classroom where the first kid to be even remotely annoying to the teacher is made into an example even if he didn't actually do anything wrong.
  13. Because it's literally been years...
  14. Graduating from college tomorrow. And my boyfriend/almost-fiance is currently sitting on my lap.
  15. Czech and Slovak of course. Most differences are spelling and slang. Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese according to my experience going on a date with a Brazilian guy.