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  1. When Holly graced us with her presence
  2. I'm glad you think so.
  3. She's only one of the best OG forum members.
  5. Well yeah it is bullying but it stared online and if it didn't I don't know what would have happened.
  6. Cyber bullying is a bit of a tough one because while, yes, it's easy to just block someone and avoid it, it's hard when you're having to face the issue face to face, too. For example, my first year of college, a few people know it was horrific and I was bullied quite badly. It started online, statuses made about me, people messaging me, so I blocked everyone. After I blocked everyone, the problem came to me face to face. I was being yelled at in corridors and followed to my classes. I felt incredibly intimidated, which is why I didn't go to a member of staff about the issue, plus I only had two months left of my first year. I do believe my problems would have ended if I went to a member of staff, however my college in particular wasn't very helpful. I digress. Cyber bullying isn't a big issue, no, but I think it can have a snowball effect, and it sucks. Just depends how you as a person handle problems like these. I get really scared when I get put in these situations so I most likely won't do anything and I won't be confrontational, but that's just how I react to bullying.
  7. Idk what organised means
  8. I said I agree that people can be manipulated so I get in the 26th percentile of Machiavellianism Okay
  9. same tbh
  10. you don't need rubbing alcohol to set paper on fire, stupid
  11. They look worse than Sims! Well, depends which Sims game you look at...