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  1. same tbh
  2. you don't need rubbing alcohol to set paper on fire, stupid
  3. They look worse than Sims! Well, depends which Sims game you look at...
  4. I didn't know people still played this game tbh It was a big thing like 10 years ago
  5. I like to think I go out of my way to be nice to strangers but with close friends or just people I'm fond of, it's not that I'm not nice, I'm just more honest with my actions. A lot of people confuse being blunt with being a dick, and being blunt doesn't make you a dick. It can just come across that way. For example, if a stranger (i.e. someone I just met and don't really know) were to ask me for advice about something personal, I'd be as nice as possible and refrain from upsetting them. With a close friend, that's not the case. I'll be as honest as I can, regardless of whether or not they get upset, because that's their problem. If they asked for advice they're gonna have to deal with whatever I say. But yeah in general I'd say I'm somewhat nice.
  6. I agree with Nox. Businesses can refuse service regardless, but they should make the effort to specifically refuse obviously pregnant ladies from alcohol. I think that should go for cigarettes too but apparently that causes a lot more stress and isn't advised. That's a whole other topic though.
  7. You're the first bioqueen I've ever seen and tbh I was a bit iffy on it at first because (before I knew what drag encompasses), I was like "why would girls be doing it when girls can just wear a shit load of makeup anyway and it's not drag?" I also thought it was just for men, until I watched RPDR. I love your drag persona so much and it's been really cute watching it evolve. I love those gifs too btw.

  9. I refuse to go and see it, purely because I'm a die hard fan of the Brendan Fraser movies and I hate Tom Cruise with a passion.
  10. Onision's just a fucking loser looking for a way to help boost his online career since he has nothing to him other than his social media presence, he'd be nothing without it. He knew it would get a rise out of people, English people in particular, so it's best to just not give him the attention he's craving.
  11. I've personally never owned an Xbox console, my brother has, so I've played on the most before, and there's just a lot I don't like compared to the PS4. I wouldn't shit on it just because I prefer PS consoles in general 🤷🏼‍♀️ People still buy Xbox because it's a fantastic piece of reasonably priced hardware. Compared to the PS4, yes, Sony are slacking, but I don't really care for 4k personally so it's not a huge issue for me. The exclusives are debatable. Just personal preference as everyone has said, yo.
  12. Sure, I wasn't bashing you for your preference, I wasn't just sharing my insight
  13. I fry Quorn mince when I make veggie bolognese, I add soy sauce and beef gravy granuals in the sauce because it creates the saltyness of the beef and just makes it taste better, I don't think the mince itself is tasteless though. The chicken pieces are genuinely minging, I hate the smell of them and the texture is gross, I definitely opt out of chicken substitutes because nothing can compare, however beef, lamb, duck, and pork can be replicated almost exactly if you know what stuff to mix in with it. I've never really been a big fan of beef anyway so Quorn mince is alright for a quick bolognese.
  14. Quorn mince is so good tho, and it doesn't have to be a shit diet. There are so many other options.