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  1. I was writing a post but I accidentally closed my browser so I'll try to type out what I had before from memory. I didn't really spend a whole lot of time here, just sort of visited on and off occasionally posting. I always wanted to be more active here, but I guess I sorta felt my reputation as a fuckwit weirdo on OFO both iterations I was a part of it sorta made me feel out of place (I was Calebbait back then, at least some of you will probably remember), like I would always be viewed like that, but a lot of that was probably just my own insecurities holding me back. I regret not getting closer with the community here, but I guess there's not much to change that now. I'll try to be more active in the last month it's around I guess. Here's my Discord if anyone wants it: Caleb#3642 If you want any other ways to contact me just ask. Also droppin' some appreciate for @TokentheToken's drag, pretty rad.
  2. definitely not accurate
  3. Basically, it's a really weird show with trippy visuals and not a ton of dialogue, telling most of the story through it's atmosphere. It's about a girl called Lain and her experience with the Internet, but is also quite a bit more than that. It touches on quite a few philosophical concepts and predicted the modern Internet (namely, our obsession with it). It's not a show for everyone given how different it is from literally anything else out there, but I love it. EDIT: In some ways, I get FLCL vibes from it with how weird it is, despite how vastly different the story and tone is.
  4. Elaborate? On why it's good? What it's about?
  5. How's the pay if you don't mind my asking?
  6. That episode was fucking amazing
  7. man, that sucks :/
  8. thought you were BSing but clear now that you aren't, how do you know all this?
  9. making discord bots is exhausting

  10. I was gonna watch the leaks but low quality
  11. Didn't y'all have a Discord or somethin?

  12. tfw nobody has mentioned Serial Experiments Lain yet ;(
  13. Fair enough, agree for the most part. The glamorized western lifestyle is expensive and lots of people try to live that way when they can't afford it. Everyone has to have the latest iPhone and nice furniture and a big apartment/house. People refuse to live frugally when it's necessary for survival.
  14. So kinda like reddit?