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  1. definitely not accurate
  2. Basically, it's a really weird show with trippy visuals and not a ton of dialogue, telling most of the story through it's atmosphere. It's about a girl called Lain and her experience with the Internet, but is also quite a bit more than that. It touches on quite a few philosophical concepts and predicted the modern Internet (namely, our obsession with it). It's not a show for everyone given how different it is from literally anything else out there, but I love it. EDIT: In some ways, I get FLCL vibes from it with how weird it is, despite how vastly different the story and tone is.
  3. Elaborate? On why it's good? What it's about?
  4. How's the pay if you don't mind my asking?
  5. That episode was fucking amazing
  6. man, that sucks :/
  7. thought you were BSing but clear now that you aren't, how do you know all this?
  8. making discord bots is exhausting

  9. I was gonna watch the leaks but low quality
  10. Didn't y'all have a Discord or somethin?

  11. tfw nobody has mentioned Serial Experiments Lain yet ;(
  12. Fair enough, agree for the most part. The glamorized western lifestyle is expensive and lots of people try to live that way when they can't afford it. Everyone has to have the latest iPhone and nice furniture and a big apartment/house. People refuse to live frugally when it's necessary for survival.
  13. So kinda like reddit?
  14. If I had to blame excessive poverty on anything, it would be a poor education system and a pay-to-win job market. I.e. college. Job markets favor those with college degrees, those without them have a harder time so if you can't afford college you'll have problems. Something that needs to be corrected, but not something to blame the entirety of capitalism on. Besides, we DO have equal opportunity, those who are rich through their own means just did well with the opportunities given. There is nothing in our legal system that differentiates the poor from the rich. Equal opportunity, not equal outcome.
  15. The title is very sensationalist, the bots were designed to improve in any way possible, so they came up with an efficient way of communicating. Seems like standard programming logic to me, you cut out anything useless and as they can interpret anything to mean anything else, this makes a lot of sense.
  16. Well, let's hope Bran gets to Jon soon then
  17. I personally didn't mind it, but I'm also not an Ed Sheeran fan and don't follow much of what celebrities do so to me he was just another actor. I don't think it's meant to shock, it's just to show he has a bit harsher of a personality and a darker world outlook than others. I'm really looking forward to Bran and Jon interacting, can't wait to see how that plays out.
  18. I've had the same gaming PC since December 2015, and haven't had issues running newer games. As long as you upgrade a few things here and there every few years (which realistically is about the same amount of time it takes new consoles to get released) then it should be fine. Unless you specifically want console exclusives then a PC is always better imo, as long as you can afford it. Especially for FPS games, mouse aiming is so much more precise.
  19. Hash browns are always productive
  20. The nav buttons are just going to be placed their for now as a placeholder, I plan to have them oriented to the right. As for mobile design, I will work on that eventually but for now this is just the desktop design.
  21. On this day, we are all u/HanAssholeSolo

  22. I've moved on from a photoshop layout to actually laying it out in code, this is my results currently. Need a lot of work on what to do for the nav bar at the top and what to file the sidebars with, and the general design will probably change a lot over the years that I work on this. Feedback and ideas for design and functionality appreciated, please be brutally honest.
  23. What do you do exactly for the performance?