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  1. I used to have plans to make a vocal cover/Guitar cover YouTube channel until I realized that's about as outdone as just about everything else so after uploading one cover I laid it to rest, instead uploading a second one on Facebook because I had made it and didn't want it to go to waste. There isn't any actual VIDEO in the video, just cover art with some shitty fucking Windows Movie Maker text and my vocals slapped on it. I'm still quite proud of the cover though, one of my better vocal performances. And yes, it's supposed to sound like that. Sharing it here because aay I might just start doing it now that I don't have anything to do anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJhVzNGI8y8 Edit: I apparently don't know how to embed videos, screw that then.
  2. I spent about 1200 Euros or so on my pc and I have to say that IF you can afford to spend the extra money a pc will be better than a console in every single way. I have a PS4 that I've had since long long before I got the pc but it's been collecting dust ever since I got the pc, the only reason I sometimes go back to it is for exclusive titles like Bloodborne. A console, regardless of which new gen you get will be the best option unless you have a budget of something like 600-700 Euros at the very least, the more the better. This pc could use some upgrades like a better processor and an SSD, but the graphics card (GTX 1070) will do whatever the fuck I throw at it. So in short, unless you've got a bigger budget get a console, but if you POSSIBLY CAN STRETCH IT then get a pc. Atleast in my humble opinion.
  4. I guess this can be my first proper post on here. I'm working on an EP, slowly but surely I'm making an EP that at this stage I'm guessing is going to be about 5 or 6 songs long and will have some kind of a red line going through it but not following it too strictly. It's metal, a very aggressive and pissed off kind of metal because I haven't changed a bit since I was fucking 16 I'm still an angsty little shit. After having violently failed at making an EP earlier this year I've decided to not rush anything at all this time and make sure I make it perfect before considering releasing it.
  5. Jo, Kirkebirkeland :D
  6. Nei fy faen! Bergen ikke minst! Sikkert naboer uten å være klar over det!
  7. Thank you! Amazingly enough yes I am still alive!
  8. Ay! I've returned, for the first time in years. I used to be active, well "active" on the previous forums a few years back and I'd honestly be surprised if ANYONE remembered me. My name is Stefan, I'm from Norway, 21 years old, "Full time musician" and as lazy as a dead person. I think some of you may have me on Snapchat, depends on who is still hanging around here. I've had so many names on these forums I can't even remember them, if you remember me then holy shit you've got great memory. Good to be back.