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  1. 76% Very compatible
  2. Accurate? I don't know you tell me.
  3. I like BCS a lot more than I liked Breaking Bad.
  4. Popping bottles popping popping popping bottles
  5. I can't get over Military Memes.
  6. bry's favorite, club penguin.
  7. Hi bb
  8. Looks like I'm fighting Seeker for this waifu.
  9. Kelley is your #1 news source for former forum members.
  10. The games have always had the potential to be about planning things out and having you think before acting. If you go for Silent Assassin rating on past games that's what this game presents just playing through casually. It seems a bit more difficult at the start but once you get the hang of it and play each level a few times through (even if you do fail the mission) you learn patterns and learn how to accomplish your goal in different ways. The mastery level encourages replay value but not much if all you care about is going through the story. I don't care much for playing the same level over and over just to unlock different spawn points and different disguises. It just doesn't interest me. I wasn't a huge fan of how they split this Hitman up. Sure it gives them time to fine tune the levels and hammer out bugs. I prefer the whole game being dropped as opposed to dropping episodes over a timeline. The game is good yes I'm not disagreeing with that. They dropped a full game after the episodes were all out, yes. I bought it early and hated the fact that I had to wait for missions to come out because I wanted to move on with the story. Not wait however long to get on with the game and then be held back for another period of time.
  11. Welcome to P2P
  12. This has been on repeat for so long. Can't stop listening to it.
  13. I only commented on the bacon bit. I'm kind of shocked to see all the customization that's thrown in for that controller.