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  1. Of course. Fun times weren't they. Jeez man people would rather find mates than make money. Or would they? I mean, money buys drugs and drugs buy mates. Back then it was much more simple. I wish I was a monkey
  2. No it's okay. You know your stuff. But man wouldn't these forums be insanely active if let's say a pretty girl joins in, started e whoring and acted free spirited? Then the majority will be hauling her ass. Or maybe the majority aren't males on here right? Or maybe some handsome dude joins in then some lonely, 5 out of 10 girl ends up in his pocket.
  3. Yeah I guessed that you would disagree & say that too. Things are very predictable x(
  4. Chatting forum about drama and controversial opinions about sensitive topics. In that case I already know what kind of people I'll see here. & let me make a guess, the gaming & tv discussions are lame & not as active.
  5. What's this forum for?