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  1. Actually not that one but someone else's hahahaha
  2. I've lost my forum spirits, if it isn't already obvious enough haha. I joined OFO a while ago and I dont even remember how long its been, atleast 6 years. I have met so many crazy fucking people but I also met so many kind ones, made new friends and in general had a real good time. I used to be very shy and a massive weeb (rawr xD) but I should thank these forums for somewhat shaping me into the person I am today. I love every single one of you idiots and hope to meet a bunch of you irl if you are even real. I met Ryan and Erica when they came to Amsterdam and had such a good time, ask them about it, it was crazy fun. Honestly couldnt pick a favourite forum moment because so much shit has happened. Some moments I have banned from my mind because they mentally scarred me lmao (some people might know what im talking about here) Playing Minecraft with the babes was really fun though. Even had a short term "relationship" with an insanely awkward guy who was also on the forums, yeah never again. Obviously Alakazam is one of a kind as well as SpizzTrizz, Micah and all the other retards out there. They made my time on the internet very enjoyable. I'm going to miss this place, for real, even though I don't even come here anymore. If you're at all interested in my life, I pop up into the discord server sometimes crying about my love life or to ask people to give me updates on drama. or follow me on instagram because I use that loads @kendradh_ Only add me on FB if ur speshul xoxo
  3. Internet points to you if you even remember who the fuck I am.