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  1. Yeah i did a word search for the word 'onision' in her videos and over 100 results came up its kind of pathetic
  2. The whole thing is, Joy has made over like 40 videos on Greg and its kind of pathetic how much she obsesses over him.
  3. I had my ears pierced when I was give at a fucking mall kiosk, which is probably one of the stupidest things I could have done. I later on stretched those holes to a 00g. I have a piercing next to my tunnels that I did myself. Both didn't hurt too bad. I had my right nostril pierced last year. I got snakebites for my fourteenth birthday back in August.
  4. Pro-Choice. Most of the cases where abortions happen are either because of the child was an accident or rape. I do not think that abortion should be used as a form of birth control, but in the cases of health complications, rape, incest, financial struggles and such, an abortion should be available because even if abortions aren't legal, they will still happen, just not as safely.
  5. Her music is great and i think the meaning behind her videos are actually pretty interesting
  6. she keeps sending me messages on kik im just like "yup yeah yea cool yeah." and then she seems to go away. dont know why she has taken a liking to me. she even told me to "stay off of rr because people here are rude and she didnt want me getting hurt." even though ive been on here for around three or four years.
  7. that was the best pun i have ever witnessed
  8. It's only acceptable to punch someone in the face if they are hurting someone else. Their opinions may be stupid but thats their freedom to say what they feel.
  9. dont think he's experienced enough to be president and im lowkey scared. ready to watch the series finale of america
  10. Four complete ones, two others I have to finish
  11. it's not a boat. I know it's dangerous and there potential risks to it, but I'm happy with all of my tattoos. And I did take safety precautions while doing all of them. I used a sterilized tattoo needle, gloves, and I cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol first and I used professional tattoo ink.
  12. this is my favorite one that I have, I did it myself back in September
  13. Is it bad I can actually see his point? If someone is using illegal drugs in your own house after you have told them not too, I would be pissed too. I don't want to date someone that does drugs all the fucking time and its actually pretty reasonable.
  14. Most drugs should be legal. But I feel like hardcore things that could seriously hurt you, Like heroin, should be illegal. Cocaine, weed, LSD and other drugs like those that dont really harm you to the extent of things like meth should be allowed because they are just as damaging as alcohol and alcohol is legal.
  15. god damn it thanks
  16. The hole fat acceptance movement is stupid. You cannot be obese and healthy. You cannot be healthy at a size like Tess'. People shouldn't be promoting obesity; if anything people should be discouraging it. I understand the hole body confidence thing, but you can not be healthy at any size. Weather that be underweight or overweight. The thing that bugs me the most about Tess is the fact that she lies about her weight and her size. She said she was 280 pounds, which I highly doubt. Now, if she is such a happy fat person, why the fuck would she be lying about her size? Its ridiculous.
  17. People that have eating disorders are going to validate themselves in anyway possible but most people know they have a problem. They would see it okay for themselves to look a certain way but not okay for others because they know that they are unhealthy. Using that logic, Eugenia isn't really doing anything wrong, its the viewers mindsets. She just makes youtube videos and people should really let her be.
  18. Young kids shouldn't be watching youtube if they are that easily influenced. Thats using the same logic as the hole barbie thing when people would say that having a skinny barbie influences kids to have eating disorders when it really doesn't. Eugenia has said previously that she doesn't want people to want to look like her. I think that shows the awareness of the situation and she knows that she's not okay. I dont think she is normalizing herself in any way but she is basically a normal person besides the fact that she is thin.
  19. Agreed mostly. But, She shouldn't have to tell the internet what kind of disorder/problem she has because its really not anyone's business. She may be lying for a reason, and being in the public eye is certainly not helping her case.
  20. I'm obviously fluent in English and I know parts of Italian and Spanish. I would kill a bitch to learn Latin.
  21. everyone from my chemical romance Jared Padalecki (particularly season 7/8 of supernatural) Cara Delevinge Halsey